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Alopecia and women

//Alopecia and women

Alopecia and women

Female alopecia is a common problem

Alopecia does not affect men exclusively, but a large percentage of women are partially affected by hair loss. Women are especially vulnerable to hormonal and nutritional changes in their hair condition . The stress of modern societies has come to appear, aggressively, in the lifestyle of many women, producing considerable loss of capillary density.

Alopecia in women consists of the loss of hair on the top and front of the head. It is usually due to causes that have to do with the person's lifestyle. When a woman loses hair density caused by stress or strong emotional periods, she can suffer considerable hair loss and even loss of hair in some areas. This is the so-called alopecia areata.

It is, and more in the case of women, very important to have beautiful and healthy hair, which is why female alopecia has a higher social and emotional cost for women than for men. Therefore it is important to quickly solve it . Today there are treatments that solve one hundred percent hair problems in women.

In the first place, we must attend to the origin of the causes that have led to this hair loss and through medicine, change in habits and even psychology redirect the hair health of women to return how they naturally should look.

Scenarios that promote alopecia in women

In general, circumstantial alopecia, which is not genetic, it affects men and women according to their causes or habits. Although as we have said, the social reason makes it more harmful in women.

The causes that a woman can lose hair are hormonal imbalances as a result of stressful experiences or simply natural periods such as pregnancy or menopause. The solution in this case is through specific hair care, such as taking vitamins and special shampoos; in addition to readjusting hormones when these periods pass.

Even so, we must bear in mind that the predisposition Genetics also influences the capillary density and its recovery after periods of hormonal changes.

More factors that produce alopecia in women

Food is key . In this sense, women need extra care in their hair as they have more quantity and strength than the average for men, so more vitamins and minerals are used to build and establish hair.

More than taking vitamins that meet the needs of specific vitamins, such as vitamin D, A, or iron; a healthy and sufficient diet so as not to fall into the absence of vitamins prolonged in time which has a direct effect on health and shine capillary.

Solution to female alopecia

  • Adequate food. Specifically, vitamins A, B and D. Also cereals that contain amino acids and minerals that strengthen nails and hair.
  • Correct hair hygiene. In this sense, although it depends on the type of hair and desired style, we always recommend pH neutral shampoos or at least reduce the alcohol and parabens in hair products to a minimum.
  • Hair transplant. In this sense, it is a solution when there is no way to regain capillary density. Although it may be due to simple causes such as the natural distribution of hair without a specific reason.

In this sense, hair transplants in women are very common and relatively simple because in a single session our expert doctors can distribute hair in the area where it is needed for a permanent and lifelong result.

It is an economical and practical solution because you do not have to worry about taking vitamins, specific products or adjusting the hair in a certain way, since hair transplants use your own hair and are one hundred percent effective. In this way hair will regain forever.