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Painless anesthesia for hair transplantation in Turkey

//Painless anesthesia for hair transplantation in Turkey

Painless anesthesia for hair transplantation in Turkey

Painless anesthesia, what does it consist of?

Painless anesthesia refers to the application of local anesthesia with minimal incision, stress and pain. The functionality is the same, providing the patient with anesthesia before the operation but the great advantage is that they do not feel the traditional needle stick. In the case of hair transplants, it was the main inconvenience a patient underwent. Well, once anesthetized there is no pain of any kind for many hours. However, needle anesthesia (which is still applied in most clinics) is quite painful in the area where it is applied.

In the first place, by the muscle injection itself in the head, where the muscle thickness is less. In addition, due to the blood supply itself and the duration of the operation, it is necessary to administer many doses of anesthesia. Depending on the patient, there were about 30 punctures. You have to inject both in the back, side and front. For this reason, painless anesthesia is a technology that contributes to the comfort of the client .

In fact, there are many patients who, faced with just the idea of ​​a needle and the resulting pain, find it very difficult to perform this type of operation. With this treatment we reduce the anxiety associated with hair transplantation.

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Painless anesthesia Hair transplant

Painless anesthesia How does it work.

Using a new technology for implantation of needleless anesthesia , the patient receives his dose of anesthetic liquid. A special implanter is used that injects anesthesia by pinching or pulsating. We have to say that it is not totally free of annoyance as these "pinches" hurt a bit. However, the difference with the traditional needle is abysmal. Patients benefit from this anesthetic treatment. Much softer and more comfortable.

In the traditional needle anesthesia system in hair transplants, muscle pain was highly dependent on the anesthetist. If there is any movement or the patient's own muscle they can contribute to a little extra pain. In this sense, painless anesthesia helps to eliminate this disease almost to a minimum.

The operation is very simple: the trigger gun injects anesthesia by pulsing and the anesthetic liquid is distributed over the skin. Once the painless anesthesia has fulfilled its function, the hair transplant operation continues its course without causing any discomfort to the patient.

In this sense, you will not have felt any pain from the application of painless anesthesia. And you won't feel pain during the hair graft either because you are anesthetized.

Painless anesthesia Advantages and disadvantages.

Punctures. In painless anesthesia there are pricks because there is no needle.

Pain . Pain is minimal as there is a slight push or pinch instead of a needle.

Stress. It depends on the assessment and sensitivity of each patient but the difference is enormous. By not seeing needles (because there are none) and feeling less pain, the patient relaxes and increases the feeling of comfort.

Security. This system has been known for many years and is certified by the health authorities.

Time . The painless anesthesia system itself reduces application time and also requires less drug delivery. So the inflammation will also be less and the recovery faster. The impulse piston is capable of locally anesthetizing the epidermis in one third of a second.

No injuries. In the painless anesthesia system, the skin or muscle is not injured because there is no incision . This is important because when the effect of the anesthesia passes there is always a feeling of discomfort from the previous puncture.

As the only drawback we can mention the price. Which, due to being a novel technology has a higher price. Additionally, in each patient it is necessary to apply between fifteen and thirty bottles of anesthetic liquid. Still it is a treatment that is worth .

Painless anesthesia in Turcapilar.

We are always aware of the best technologies and advances in the field of hair treatments. For this reason, Turcapilar offers painless anesthesia for our patients in different packs. Ask our team. Always committed to making it easier for our patients to recover their hair without worrying about anything .

Remember that we are at your disposal to get the best hair transplant and that recovering your image is a rewarding experience.