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Stem cells and hair transplantation in Turkey

//Stem cells and hair transplantation in Turkey

Stem cells and hair transplantation in Turkey

Alopecia is a problem that affects millions of people from all over the world since forever. That is why medicine has always tried find a solution for this aesthetic problem. Today the only safe and permanent treatment is transplantation capillary or hair graft , of which Turkey has become the expert and Companies like Turcapilar help millions of people to recover their hair from definitive way. Even so, there is a promising future in the field of medicine such as using stem cells.

Stem cells or hair cloning will have to wait

At the moment cloning hairs is an idea that attracts a lot of people and companies but we have no more information than slight experiments, so that we foresee that there is still a long time left. In fact they have to be sufficiently safe for its use to be extended. Also, like all technology will come at a very high price in the beginning. So if you are waiting for hair cloning with stem cells to become a reality, We ask that you study if your case has a solution with a simple hair transplant.

The number of people with alopecia is very large

Alopecia is much more frequent than we can get to think. And the statistics do not lie. To begin with, from the twenty to one in four men begins to lose hair, until reaching half of men bald at age 50 years . Also alopecia it affects to a lesser extent up to 20 percent of adult women.

Despite the alarming of these figures, alopecia has solution for most of these people because using FUE techniques Sapphire or DHI that we offer in Turcapilar almost 90 percent of the people who suffer from alopecia can regain their hair aesthetics in a definitive and natural way .

Alopecia and stem cells

Medicine is beginning to use cloning techniques or stem cells for certain organs. We can imagine that it is a matter of time before it is used to reproduce hair. The potential is immense, but unfortunately is under study .

It is also in very preliminary stages and it would be necessary a lot of reliable studies to start your marketing. Still Thus the interest is great because there are millions of people in all countries that would benefit from this solution. With hundreds of professionals and companies also benefiting from such a succulent business.

Hair transplant in Turkey - your best option

Currently the capillary graft with the FUE technique is the best option to end your alopecia once and for all. No need to wait to the appearance of stem cells because with a simple intervention of Hair transplant can regain your hair. The duration of the operation is between 4 and 8 hours but it will be enough to get your hair back guaranteed.

A hair graft in Turkey with Turcapilar uses the FUE Sapphire method, which involves the use and repositioning of the patient's own hair for a distribution more logic. In this way, aesthetic specialist doctors are able to return the hair image in a single session and without medical risks. Is a outpatient operation so it does not involve risks.

If you need more information about hair transplant in Turkey or a personalized assessment, you can contact our care team . We are waiting for you!