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Hair Clinic Turkey

Hair Clinic Turkey

The extension of the search for hair transplants in the Ottoman country has made more than a suitable option, people look for the best hair clinic Turkey for their hair transplant intervention. Although it is true that there is a great variety in this post we explain why you should take the option of choosing Turcapilar. Always take into account requirements such as language, experience and price among others. First of all, it is worth asking yourself if it is worth doing the hair graft in your country or in Turkey. You will see that the difference is unquestionable, especially for the result.

Hair clinic Turkey - My country or Turkey

We are clear about it, but so that you can get a better idea, we will explain the reasons why Turkey is a incomparable destination for your hair transplant operation.

Other countries:

  • We have to name this point the first because it is still inconceivable for us to go to a hair clinic and perform a transplant, with all that this implies so that it does not finally work. We know of hundreds of cases in which once the surgery has been carried out and the recovery time has passed, the transplanted hair does not grow, after having been extracted from the donor area, which means that less hair will be available than previously.
  • Price: in other countries they still charge per follicle implanting, and many times the economic situation of the patient only allows to partially eliminate the aesthetic problem.
  • Technical capacity: their equipment and training are obsolete, that is why they still operate with techniques inconceivable to our doctors such as the FUT or FUSS technique.
  • Distance: perhaps the only point in favor of hair operations for the client.


  • Thousands of patients confirm that the results are excellent .
  • The best hair clinic Turkey at the best price. Our packs are at a fixed price with everything included, comparatively better than in other countries. But ignoring this, we cannot fail to take into account the result, which in the end is the most important thing. And for this, choosing a Turkish hair clinic is the smartest option.
  • Technical capacity: in your search for a Turkish hair clinic, choose the one that offers you guarantees. One of them is that it only operates with more modern techniques, in this case Turcapilar only uses the FUE technique.
  • Distance: although it is a trip to another country, it is also an experience. The total is 2 days and 3 if you decide to rest, which is not an excuse.

Hair clinic Turkey - our clinic

Trabajamos en exclusiva con Metropolmed, uno de los más exitosos grupos de cirugía estética del país otomano.  Es sin duda, probablemente la mejor clinica capilar Turquia.  Es un referente sanitario en Estambul. Sus instalaciones son lujosas y modernas. También cumplen con los más altos estándares de calidad que garantizan el compromiso y la calidad de la intervención. Turcapilar es un referente de calidad en el trato y nos preocupamos profundamente para que cada paso sea perfecto para proporcionar trato humano y a personas que solamente quieren sentirse mejor. Es un placer contar con cientos de pacientes mensualmente que acreditan nuestro trabajo.

Hair clinic Turkey - our team

The increase in customers has led to the expansion of our facilities. We have the capacity for a dozen patients a day who are intervened with excellent results in our center. Our interdisciplinary team is prepared to serve each client. We have translators, nurses, customer service personnel and accredited doctors.

The Turquia Turcapilar hair clinic offers you the latest technology in hair implants in Istanbul for all types of alopecia. We have a team totally dedicated to the realization of hair implants.

Turkish Hair Clinic - our team is made up of the best professionals in the Turkish hair transplant sector. These transplants are highly standardized and their doctors have extensive experience and a high degree of training. His hair grafting operations are performed daily, achieving a high degree of expertise.

At Turcapilar we are passionate about our work . The attention and human quality is a duty that we fulfill with guarantees. We are committed to the trust and well-being of our patients. Your trust our greatest guarantee.