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Hair cloning and hair transplantation in Turkey

//Hair cloning and hair transplantation in Turkey

Hair cloning and hair transplantation in Turkey

Hair cloning - reality or myth?

The search for the definitive solution to hair loss or alopecia comes from afar. In fact, almost 80 percent of men suffer more or less pronounced during some part of their life, being up to almost 50 percent of men who suffer some type of irreversible alopecia . Also many women are affected by loss in its capillary density as a result of hormonal changes, food or stress. In In any case, the need to recover hair is a fact.

Actualmente existen muchos productos que frenan la caída del pelo, aunque a menudo de manera parcial y no definitiva. Hasta hoy no existe mejor solución que el trasplante capilar, del que Turcapilar tan buenos resultados ofrece.   Como sabrá una operación de micro injerto capilar se basa en la recolocación del cabello existente. Aunque la operación es estéticamente perfecta, las mejoras constantes en este campo mejoran la calidad del proceso y resultado.  El camino, se prevé, transcurre hasta la consecución de un método definitivo que permita a millones de personas de todo el mundo recuperar su cabello con la máxima densidad y naturalidad.

Effects of alopecia in people

Hair loss affects the confidence and self-esteem of people so any solution is welcome. To treat baldness is necessary to determine which is the origin in each case. Attending its cause is possible to remedy this problem, although hereditary alopecia There is no solution with simple products, but a hair transplant intervention will be necessary .

Hair cloning - information we have in the present

Hair cloning It is a field in development of which we currently have no date of appearance. And yet you have to foresee that once it appears it will be a expensive treatment at first. But it is good news that there is work at respect.

There are trials in which it has been possible to clone tissues capillaries, although their survival rate remains low. It has also been succeeded in cloning rodent hair, so cloning hair in humans is a matter of scientific advancement.

The studies continue and it is a matter of time. But for that this capillary technology reaches our patients it is necessary to check total effectiveness. It is a matter of years but we believe that we will see it with our eyes. Maybe next time decade .

What is hair cloning?

It is the definitive method of treating alopecia. The The idea is simple: take a hair follicle and reproduce it by cloning genetics. As the patient's DNA is the same there is no possibility of rejection. The steps will be very simple:

  • They are extracted subject's follicles. In this case, about a hundred follicles will be enough to a complete sample and rapid cloning.
  • Playback by cloning technique in a laboratory. How many will be played here follicles are necessary for each specific patient.
  • Graft capillary of the cloned follicles in the parts of the scalp where the patient suffer from hair loss or alopecia.

Hair cloning - a distant reality

At the beginning of this century, television showed us advances in the medical field by cloning in animals and organs. But nevertheless after two decades we are still waiting for news. It is not simply that cloning exists but that the authorities have to check its reliability and avoid risks. For this reason, hair transplantation today micro grafting is the most advanced solution.

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