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Tips after a hair transplant for strong and healthy hair

//Tips after a hair transplant for strong and healthy hair

Tips after a hair transplant for strong and healthy hair

We want your hair to be your identity

Alopecia affects millions of people around the world. More than half of men over 45 suffer from some type of baldness or alopecia.

The patterns that produce alopecia are: hereditary, hormonal, diseases and diet. Most of these can be improved or fight by changing habits. Except for genetic alopecia, which after a simple hair transplant operation will recover hair in a definitive way with long-lasting and natural results. But Even so, it is advisable to follow some guidelines to ensure that our hair looks strong and healthy.

Care for strong and healthy hair

Your hair always goes with you and it is one more extension of your body that provides vitality and energy. It depends of you looking your best. To do this, like any other organ, you have to provide it with the vitamins and care necessary to have clean hair and strong.

Tip one for healthy hair: eat right

This is a recurring advice but it is still true. Before any absence of basic nutritional components your hair as well that the rest of your body notices it. It is possible to take multivitamin complexes for periods where we believe that our diet for our lifestyle is not sufficient.

In general, vegetables, fruits and any food low in fat provides a large amount of nutrients that our hair can to take advantage of. Sometimes the hair is weakened by the simple absence of vitamins basic. But this has an easy solution: feed yourself correctly .

Tip for healthy hair: drink water

It seems like a no-brainer but the hair just like the rest of capillary tissue in our body needs water to perform its function. Prolonged dehydration also affects our scalp and the shine of our hair.

Advice for hair with natural shine: the sun.

The sun has a number of advantages in absorbing vitamin D, which is used for skin, hair, and nails. However, the prolonged exposure to the sun can damage your skin in general and hair as the sun's rays brighten hair color and weaken it if the exposure is too long. Remember: your hairs are alive and suffer inclement weather as well as exposure to toxic fumes and environments. Therefore we do not recommend sunbathing until six months after your hair graft intervention in Turkey.

Advice for healthier hair: don't smoke

Believe it or not the tobacco through the lungs and cellular oxygenation causes a drop in hair since if our cells are intoxicated, eventually some follicles lose strength and die. As such, it is a risk of many diseases but smoking damages your hair health.

The most important hair care tip: don't stresses.

As we tell it, and this is known by almost everyone world. Stress weakens hair and makes it fall . How many people suffer from alopecia simply because of situations of stress! And it is that our lifestyle, work or personal relationships they make us stressed. But if you think you are going to lose your hair, maybe it deserves the worth relaxing a bit.

In this sense, it can sometimes be the cause of diseases capillaries such as alopecia areata, where parts of the head become depopulated of hairs totally. In addition, it is convenient to reduce stress due to the incidence in all type of diseases.

And the opposite also happens: low levels of stress improve skin and hair.

Healthy and strong hair after a hair transplant

All these tips are useful for people with and without alopecia. After completing the post-operative process, it is possible to follow these tips for new, lively hair. Even so, during the growth process of your new hair after a hair graft we are going to give you the precise indications so that you can recover your hair is an experience and a learning towards a new and more positive image. Contact us!