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How long does it take for my hair transplant results in Turkey?

//How long does it take for my hair transplant results in Turkey?

How long does it take for my hair transplant results in Turkey?

Time to see results after hair transplant in Turkey

It is so common nowadays to meet someone who has undergone a hair transplant in Turkey that does not go unnoticed any information related to said operation. However, almost 50% of men over 45 years suffer some type of alopecia and up to 30% of women suffer some type of loss of quality or capillary density with age.

A hair graft is an intervention applied by the emotional importance and in the confidence of the person. The self-esteem of many people depend on this aesthetic operation. Thanks to the technology of hair implant, there is a definitive and permanent solution. You just have to observe one of the hundreds of people who have had successful hair transplantation operations in Turkey to see the powerful change that hair transplants have achieved in so many people. It is, by the word of many, the best investment of their lives.

When a patient decides to carry out his hair graft operation, he must take into account that it is a relatively simple but serious operation. It is not a dangerous operation as it is performed in almost all cases in a single session under the care and hands of highly qualified personnel. But it is the patient's task to take a series of measures to ensure that the hair transplant in Turkey produces the best result . This will help to see better results as soon as possible and definitively.

What to take into account prior to your hair graft in Turkey

You need to have the experience of a organization such as Turcapilar, which has a detailed information manual pre-operative. It is important to follow exactly all the measures that We advise to arrive in the best conditions to your transplant operation capillary in Turkey. It is an operation that requires minimal care such as avoiding poisoning or poor diet the days before the operation.

La operación de injerto capilar es relativamente rápida pero el resultado de ella es mucho más largo. Por ello la ilusión y confianza tras haber realizado una operación es evidente pero el paciente necesita conocer el proceso de crecimiento de los pelos injertados durante el próximo año. Si bien estas fechas varían de paciente a paciente, son una buena guía al menos para comprender que es normal ver resultado pasado unos meses.

Nuestro deseo es ver el pelo nuevo cuanto antes y asegurarnos que la operación ha sido un éxito. Pedimos confianza, porque al igual que todos los clientes que han recuperado su cabello de manera definitiva, lleva un poco de tiempo ver el pelo al completo y con fortaleza.  Damos por completo el crecimiento del cabello en su totalidad tras el injerto de pelo en doce meses.

Hair transplant in Turkey from Turcapilar without limit of follicles

Turcapilar through its expert team of doctors and specialists offers the possibility of recovering hair in a definitive in just one session. Our packs are all-inclusive and we are capable of intervening by transferring up to five thousand follicles in just one session. However it will be done necessary a prior assessment by our doctors as it will depend hair type, donor area and area receiving.

In any case, all of our patients regain a more positive image. If everything is correct and the patient has had the minimum care required, it is a matter of time before their hair looks healthy and strong. In approximately twelve months we consider the process of growth of all the follicles to be completed and you will be able to enjoy your new hair.

If you need more information you can contact our expert team at Hair Transplants in Turkey.