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Hair after a hair graft does not fall out

//Hair after a hair graft does not fall out

Hair after a hair graft does not fall out

Hair from a hair transplant does not fall out

For all those people who undergo an operation of hair transplantation in Turkey with Turcapilar should know that the follicles implanted do not fall off. This is a question that our clients but after seeing hundreds of patients recover their hair in a definitive security on this question is clear. Grafted hair never falls out.

Grafted hair does not fall out although it may fall out native hair that was predetermined to fall out. In this sense, the genetic inheritance of each follicle will determine in how much native hair will fall out . In other words, alopecia will run its course if there was any hair that was programmed to fall out. But the hairs grafts do not fall off since they come from parts of the scalp where the follicles never fall out permanently.

In fact the follicles are extracted from the lateral areas and back of the head and these hairs are not affected by the hormone DHT that produces alopecia. That is, the hairs of the donor parts are genetically programmed to last, so they are not affected by alopecia even if they change their position.

Hair loss after a hair implant in the shock stage loss

But we have to understand that hair falls out naturally. The hair of all people goes through a cycle of birth, growth and death. Except that the hair follicle after the rest phase continues to produce new follicles .

This is different from alopecia where the follicles lose vigor and eventually die. In this way with alopecia they do not grow back never more. However, the grafted hairs, we repeat, never fall out because we have simply done a transfer and distribution of hair follicles from one part of the head to another.

After performing a hair transplant operation in Turkey with Turcapilar all your new hairs have been implanted. However for the substances and the shock of the operation most of these follicles will fall during the first month after the operation. This is because the root cell of the follicle enters the phase of break . That is why it is normal to have to wait several months to see the result of a hair graft operation. Specifically we give as finished the process after 12 months.

These follicles, if grafted by a professional team and appropriate techniques, they are absorbed by the capillary epidermis and are not they will never fall. Each follicle, in an indeterminate and random way, will begin to produce new hairs in the following months. It is also different for each patient but at the end of the period one year post-operative we confirm that the operation has been a success.

Factors to consider after hair transplantation

Depending on the patient, the effect of a hair implant operation in Turkey with the FUE Sapphire or DHI techniques may change over time. And it is that you have to bear in mind that due to your age or genetic disposition, alopecia can progress and decrease in density or re-lighten some parts of your head.

There is also the natural aging of the hair which makes older people also generic density loss . It is normal to have less hair with years.

In any case, the reliability of a hair transplant in Turkey from Turcapilar is guaranteed. You We invite you to contact our team of experts to request an appraisal.