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People prefer Turkey for their hair implant

//People prefer Turkey for their hair implant

People prefer Turkey for their hair implant

Hair graft in Turkey from the hand of Turcapilar

Turkey is the world capital of hair implant , but It is also the favorite destination of Spanish patients who come to perform a hair graft.

They are thousands of kilometers to travel to get to Turkey. Reasons for those of which almost ten thousand Spaniards are many, and very good. The main one is to see friends and colleagues regain their hair permanently. Therefore the majority of our clients are referenced after observing the impressive results of our hair implants.

The first reason It is due to the use of the latest technology by the Turkish professionals. The most advanced hair grafting processes that used in Turkey get the best results. It is possible in part thanks to the impulse of the Turkish government, aware of the labor benefits and economic for the country. Turkish administrations encourage and benefit innovation and development of techniques and investments in the healthcare sector .

It's due also to the experience of many years , of many professionals and clinics, who have managed to adapt the experience of patients in the most efficient organizational system of all countries. In just a few days, the entire process is accessed: from the initial assessment until the post-operative review. It is a highly efficient process and very practical for patients who want to recover their hair quickly and simple. Many patients come on weekends and get their hair back without modifying your work routine.

Added to For these reasons we have to cite the high specialization of the doctors who perform hair transplants in Turkey. They are, without a doubt, the best in the world in your sector. This is a nail factor to understand why Turkey is the leading country in terms of hair implants it means.

But just in case were few reasons, one of the main reasons why thousands of Spaniards travel to Turkey in search of their lost hair is the price. By two thousand euros, which is much less than what the same operation costs in Spain, a person can pay and complete a hair graft intervention with Turcapilar with all the guarantees. But also, the price includes all services extras during your stay in Turkey: hotel, breakfast, transfers, consultations, products, reviews and post-operative. One operation that is a high-level medical experience.

Hair graft Turkey is the most advanced in the world

Como hemos comentado el gobierno apoya directamente al sector del turismo sanitario a través de subvenciones y descuentos fiscales para las empresas sanitarias entre las que incluimos las clínicas y hospitales que realizan trasplante capilar. Ello contribuye a mejorar la capacidad financiera de estos centros lo que permite el acceso a nueva tecnología y dotación para la investigación. Por ello el bajo coste no compromete la calidad, más bien al contrario.

Therefore the most of the Spanish public go to Turkey for the good results, high quality service and price. And this despite the bad press that Spanish professionals and companies trying to capture clients discrediting Turkish professionals, instead of concentrating their efforts to be competitive. And it is that the talent and experience of the Hair transplants come a long way, so currently competing with the Turkish professionals is impossible. Turkey and its hair grafts are recognized worldwide for facts verifiable.

Thus So many travelers come to Turkey to recover their lost hair. The such positive reviews and ratings from our patients is the factor main that allows Turkey, and specifically Turcapilar, to continue receiving hundreds of people willing to regain the desired hair appearance.