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FUE Sapphire - Hair transplant in Turkey

//FUE Sapphire - Hair transplant in Turkey

FUE Sapphire - Hair transplant in Turkey

FUE Sapphire - Hair transplant in Turkey

FUE Sapphire for hair transplantation or hair grafting is the most widespread technique and the one that guarantees the greatest success in hair transplants worldwide. Particularly in Turkey, as a top-level hair graft healthcare destination, all clinics and doctors operate with the FUE technique. Since its appearance many years ago, although it has been in recent years that it has gained popularity, it has benefited tens of thousands of patients.

In a very succinct way, we define the FUE hair transplant technique as one that unitaryly extracts follicle by follicle from one area for grafting in another. If the conditions and equipment are adequate, the result is assured.

The high demand and competitiveness have led to improvement in the specialization of the medical team and improvements also in the technique itself. One of them is the FUE Sapphire. FUE Sapphire is the application of a sapphire tip in the punching tool in the opening of the channels for the subsequent introduction of the hair follicles.

FUE Sapphire - safe and reliable hair grafts

First of all, the FUE Sapphire technique is a very reliable technique due to the use of sapphire tips. Sapphire FUE tips have a finer surface so they are minimally invasive . This is very important because the incision is smaller and therefore bleeding is less and healing is faster. What in the long run in large numbers of follicles will contribute to the greater survival or accelerated growth of these new grafted hairs.

As you know, the procedure of any hair transplant with the FUE technique consists of three steps: extraction of the follicle, opening of the canal and implementation or grafting of the follicle. In this sense, the tool for opening the holes or channels is carried out with a pointed blade that is as small as possible. Normally steel blades are used although the FUE Sapphire technology, with a sapphire tip, is available and is what we use.

FUE Sapphire Vs FUE standard

Below we will explain some of the differences between FUE Sapphire and Fue with steel blades. In any case, inform you that at Turcapilar we always use Sapphire tips as we are committed to the well-being and good results of our clients.

Regarding the extraction of the follicles there is no difference. This is also the case in the graft phase or placement of the follicles in the newly opened canals. The difference is the sapphire tip used with FUE Sapphire. It is currently the best tool for opening the channels, considered perhaps the most important part of the entire hair transplant operation.

The advantage is the size of the sapphire tip and the characteristics of the material itself. These sapphire blades are smooth, sharp, and tough. FUE Sapphire uses a sapphire tool that is disposable for each client. These allow the opening of channels smaller than the standard FUE, in this case sizes between 1 and 1.5 millimeters. This reduces bleeding and allows channels to open closer to each other, which allows for higher density per square centimeter.

FUE Standard VS FUE Sapphire

FUE Sapphire. More advantages.

Another of the main advantages of the Sapphire FUE technique are the antibacterial properties of the material itself, which does not retain bacteria and there is no possibility of oxidation or retention of foreign materials by contact.

 They also allow a more direct incision with a smaller surface, which allows our doctors the need to use less epidermal solution prior to opening the canals. This has a slight advantage and it is in the retention and inflammation of the capillary epidermis.

As we mentioned, as the incisions are smaller and more precise, recovery is much faster with FUE Sapphire.

Also, since the channels are smaller, the placement of the hair is more direct and allows our surgeons to place them with different grade or alignment and set more quickly.

FUE Zafiro - quality technology for your transplant capillary

The Sapphire technique is well known in the hair transplant sector and is used or not depending on the offer of the hospital or clinic. It is a slightly more expensive service because, as we mentioned, sapphire tips are disposable tools and it is a material with a higher cost.

At Turcapilar we only offer the best facilities and services to guarantee our clients the best possible result. Our virtue is in the guarantee of success and satisfaction of our client. Therefore we always intervene with FUE Sapphire our hair transplants in Turkey.