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Does the hair implant work in Turkey?

//Does the hair implant work in Turkey?

Does the hair implant work in Turkey?

Hair implant in Turkey works

If you have come this far it is probably because you have hair loss caused by alopecia. Alopecia generally affects men but also a high number of women. Hereditary alopecia does not has a solution through medications or changes in habits but it will be necessary a hair implant operation as the only definitive answer and permanent to restore hair.

This is important emphasize: the hair implant works and is permanent . And it is because Each follicle has a generic code that determines whether or not those hairs will fall out. That is, alopecia implies that the hairs that fell out were predetermined to fall due to genetic inheritance. However in an implant capillary in Turkey we move the patient's own follicles from one area to another from the head. These follicles are not picked from parts of the head where the follicles are not programmed to fall out so once they are grafted into the donor area will remain strong and healthy for life.

The hair implant is a lifelong operation. In a single session that lasts between 4 and 8 hours we will give you back your hair for life. However the process of getting your hair back is not that fast. While the capillary operation lasts relatively little, the growth process is more slow. And it will take between 3 and 4 months for your hair to begin to grow at a good rate and begin to notice the dramatic changes in your hair implant in Turkey. It is, past the year, when we complete the cycle and we will see him with his final appearance.

Hair implant in Turkey is the best solution

After operating on thousands of patients and observing for years the efficacy of our hair implant treatment in Turkey we are so confident that it is an operation that works that we provide lifetime warranty certificate for all our patients .

There are hundreds of products, medicines and treatments. Without However, the only permanent solution without side effects is the implant capillary in Turkey. You just have to look at photos of patients who, month after month, recover their hair and smile.

In addition, the hair implant in Turkey will provide you with the same hair that he had before losing his hair, as it is his own hair. It is say, same color and shape. There is no rejection problem and the aesthetics is perfect. Although it depends on each patient as the hair varies in density for each person, we can do great jobs. For example we provide extra density to the front or in the case of women where they request it.

Hair implant in Turkey with Turcapilar is a solution effective

Hair implant in Turkey is the most effective and in the long term economic to solve your alopecia problem because it is the only way that exists today to return the hair look you had without any side effects and without scars. In addition, it is not necessary to consume any type of medicine or specialty products for life. It is, your own hair, and not you need to pay again for any treatment.

Turcapilar only uses the best known techniques: DHI and FUE Zafiro, which together with highly experienced professionals; they provide you with the assurance that your hair implant is of high quality and will produce the excellent result you are looking for. We also operate in our international aesthetic hospital in Istanbul, guaranteeing the result of your hair implant in Turkey with a written certificate. Call us for more information or to receive a free valuation.