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Alopecia grade - Hair transplant Turkey

//Alopecia grade - Hair transplant Turkey

Alopecia grade - Hair transplant Turkey

Norwood scale for alopecia

The most famous and widespread scale to date to measure the type of alopecia that people have is the so-called norwood scale. The Mr. Norwood was a famous dermatological surgeon in the United States who, after analyze more than a thousand patients concluded a tool to facilitate your job. From this table or division of people by type of baldness the international community has used its classification to streamline the process of analysis and assessment of bald patients.

This scale is important and practical because with a simple numbering is able to communicate how much hair a person has and which are the areas where it lacks hair. There are a total of seven types of alopecia that counts this scale.

Alopecia levels according to Norwood scale

First type or type 1. Alopecia produces minimal hair loss. It occurs at the entrances.

Type 2. Entries they have lost hair in an obvious but not drastic way.

Type 4. About the first half of the head has severely lost hair. Also for patients who, along with the tickets, lose their minds in the crown. Still, some native hair is preserved in the middle.

Tipo 4.  Aproximadamente la primera mitad de la cabeza ha perdido pelo de manera severa.  También para pacientes que junto con las entradas pierden cabeza en la coronilla. Aún así, se conserva algo de cabello nativo en el medio.

Type 5. There is little hair on the head but something resists. Both the crown and the entrances are obviously unpopulated.

Type 6. From the front to crown there is no hair. Alopecia is practically total but it does not go down the neck.

Type 7. From the forehead to the crown and going down a little more there is no hair because alopecia has made all hair fall out.

With this scale you can compare and know the type of alopecia you have. In this way you will know the solution or not to carry out a hair transplant.

Norwood scale and assessment in hair transplantation Turkey

At Turcapilar we are capable of operating on any patient . According to this scale we return the hair to all people in a total way except patients with alopecia type 7 because there is not enough hair to cover the entire area donor. In this case we would offer a partial solution of the patient's choice.

All other patients suffering from alopecia can benefit from the latest technologies in hair transplantation in Turkey, such as the DHI and FUE Sapphire techniques that they are capable of returning the hair image to a person in just one session.

Although it will depend on certain factors such as capillary density and the area to be covered, our expert team has already returned the smile to hundreds of patients around the world. Contact our team for more information or feedback on Hair transplant in Turkey .