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We have a medical team with extensive experience in hair transplants. All our doctors and specialists are committed to the outcome and well-being of our patients. You will receive all the affection and professionalism of our expert hair transplant team. It is guaranteed.

Recover your hair permanently

We have assembled the best team of doctors and specialists with the sole objective of giving you your hair back for life.

“My greatest satisfaction is to restore people's enthusiasm and trust. Seeing the results month by month is what gives our work meaning. "

She studied General Medicine at the prestigious Yeni Yüz Yil University in Istanbul, where she specialized in cosmetic and reconstructive surgery. Later, he complemented his work with training and research tasks in some of the most important health institutions in Turkey, where he specialized in hair transplantation.

Ayşen is our reference doctor and the standard of our hospital for her professionalism and superior results. His 9 years of constant success in the field of cosmetic hair surgery at the service of the most prestigious Turkish hospitals have led her to provide his services to the award-winning Academic Hospital for its health quality.

Ayşen Esen

Hair transplant expert

“Being a good professional means treating each client as the first. For me it is mandatory to give each patient the best possible result, always ”

After graduating as a general practitioner from the Faculty of Medicine of the Turkish-Kazakh International University, she soon began working at Çimkent Hospital in the department of general medicine. Her professionalism and attention led her to obtain offers from the private sector for her services, deciding to specialize in the booming aesthetic sector of the Turkish capital.

She currently works at the award-winning aesthetic hospital Academic Hospital in Istanbul, as a hair transplant specialist and general coordinator of the same department. After more than 9 years in the medical sector, it is a reference of our hair aesthetic center.

Seyitgül Batyrova


“I strive every day to perform excellent operations. For me, each person is unique and I am aware that the results are for life. "

He completed his studies at Istanbul University and specialized in hair surgery after working in the department of general medicine at Memorial Hizmet hospital. He has a degree in cosmetic hair surgery and almost six years of experience operating in the private sector, most of which he has dedicated to performing hair transplantation operations.

He perfectly masters both the FUE Sapphire and DHI techniques. His high specialization and experience have led him to work today at the acclaimed Academic Hospital in Istanbul.

Burak Çelik

Hair transplant expert

Your Hair Transplant In The Best Hands

High-quality equipment

Our medical facilities are equipped with world-class technology.

Qualified staff

All our staff have accredited qualifications and experience.

Advanced Techniques

We only operate with the most modern techniques that exist: FUE Sapphire and DHI.


Our aesthetic hospital is endorsed by JCI and the Turkish Ministry of Health.