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Hair implant in Turkey - techniques

//Hair implant in Turkey - techniques

Hair implant in Turkey - techniques

Techniques we use for hair implants in Turkey

While a hair implant remains the same procedure, it will depend on the needs and situation of each patient need for your hair implant to produce some results or others, both at the time to assess its status as to perform the operation.

It is likely that in different clinics or different doctors use different techniques or variations of the same technique. This differences refer to the way to obtain hair follicles that are then implanted in the area where alopecia is suffered. At Turcapilar we apply the principle of the FUE Sapphire technique that involves obtaining the follicles one by one, leaving no scar and making the most accurate operation.

Our obtaining of the follicles is done using a extractor called punch that sucks the root follicles, minimizing the bleeding and leaving no trace after a short time. This tool does not harm the follicles and maintains during the extraction all the capillary organs so that once they are produce the transplant there is no damage and the body assimilates it quickly.

Hair implant in Turkey - hair graft

In addition to using the most advanced techniques we have robotic tools that make the extraction process automated speeds up the obtaining of the follicles and therefore more speed and comfort for the patient. The extraction technique that we use is used individually for each follicle and allows remove hair accurately in large areas of the head. And allowing the follicles are not damaged and survive.

And we talk about this because previously the strip technique, which has caused so many disasters. In that obsolete process that we will never use, a strip of skin is removed from the patient that also contains all the follicles. Points are given later and close the wound. From this strip of skin the follicles were obtained and they grafted in the area to be covered. In addition to a long-suffering post-operative period, the follicle survival rate is much lower than with our current FUE Sapphire technique.

Currently the Sapphire FUE technique that we use is the most advanced technique that exists in Regarding hair implants in Turkey, it uses a disposable sapphire tip for each patient that allows to make incisions or hair grafts more small to place the follicles. This has a number of advantages such as a less inflammation, less bleeding and therefore better density in the operation. In addition the follicles are absorbed earlier and the survival rate of the follicles of your hair implant amounts to almost one hundred percent.

Hair implant in Turkey - it always works

One of the most important points of the hair implant in Turkey is that we use your own hair so there is no possibility of rejection . You will also keep the same hair style, color and length. That is why it will depend on the technique and qualification and experience of the doctor to provide you with the best aesthetic appearance.

Remember that Turcapilar carries out its hair implant operations in Turkey through the FUE Sapphire or DHI techniques in its own international hospital, which In addition to the fact that we have doctors who will operate on you with the greatest skill and affection, getting your hair back is just a phone call away. We will wait for you!