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Hair implant Turkey price

//Hair implant Turkey price

Hair implant Turkey price

Hair implant Turkey price

Hair implant Turkey price for Turcapilar. If you have come this far in your search for the most convenient solution to restore natural, dense and lifelong hair, you are in luck. Turcapilar offers all-inclusive packages at the best price. And that it is a highly demanded intervention. Up to fifty percent of male Caucasian men suffer from hereditary alopecia.

Currently Turkey is the country with the largest number of hair implants in the world. What is the reason? To start the hair implant Turkey price is much cheaper than anywhere else in the world. Even from countries that have lower purchasing power. And comparing it with the countries of Europe the difference is abysmal. But in addition to the price is that they come in all-inclusive packages. And as if this weren't enough, the Turkey Hair Implant Price gets lifelong results.

Hair implant Turkey price - unlimited grafts

In addition, Turcapilar offers hair implants Turkey unlimited price of grafts and exclusively using the FUE technique. It is the most advanced method for hair implants and the most widespread. Despite this, in some places the strip technique is still offered, by means of which they extract a strip of skin from the back of the head to graft the hair on the part to be covered. And as if this weren't enough, they also charge for grafted hair.

In addition, there are many patients who do not obtain the expected result and return to Turkey to undergo surgery again. Our confidence and result is our greatest guarantee . It is operated without limit of follicles.

Hair implant Turkey price - Turcapilar

Turcapilar offers hair implant Turkey price from 1990 pounds. All our packages come with everything included once you arrive in Turkey so that you return having had a comfortable, easy and comfortable experience.

Turcapilar is a company with a long history with thousands of patients behind it. Our staff is committed to the treatment and quality of the experience for our clients. Our doctors are also specialists in their task. Hundreds of patients are treated annually. His experience and skill are beyond any doubt possible. Additionally, they are committed to the trust and treatment of our patients. That is why we are all committed to giving you the look you want: natural, dense and strong.

Turkey hair implant price - why are the prices lower?

Para contestar a esta pregunta no existe una única razón. El implante capilar Turquia precio es más barato que en cualquier lugar del mundo por las siguientes razones:

  • The cost of medical equipment and personnel is cheaper than in other countries. Even if the professionals are more skilled and experienced, the fact that they take action often makes them more profitable.
  • Hair implant Turkey cheaper price because it is done daily and for many patients. That is, the cost per unit is cheaper because a large number of people are operated.
  • Only in Istanbul there are more than 200 clinics dedicated exclusively to this sector. Not only to hair operations but to all kinds of aesthetic interventions. In addition, they even carry out several operations a day, allowing them to invest in better equipment that improves productivity.
  • All operations are without limit of implanted follicles. The big difference with other countries, which charge for implanted hair. This suggests that they are more committed to the good result than to the direct benefit.
  • Country with lower tax rates and therefore more productivity for the company. It is also aware of the economic and tourist impact of this sector.
  • The Turkish government subsidizes medical tourism . It is considered very beneficial for the country due to the extra income of money it generates. Derived from this tourism benefit restaurants, leisure areas, historical tourism, transport, etc. It is in Istanbul where the hair implant Turkey has the most impact.
  • As in any other sector, it benefits the customer by adjusting prices downward. More or less the difference is usually small. For this reason, always look for the company that gives you the most confidence.

Turkey hair implant price - Basic package.

Our basic package includes everything you need to make your trip and stay in Turkey perfect. You only need two days to complete the process. In this time you will have all your needs covered. We include you in the price:

  • Hair implant with the FUE technique and with no follicle limits. Our doctors will use the time necessary to guarantee a perfect result. We will cover the entire hair area necessary to restore the natural appearance in a definitive way. Turcapilar only offers a perfect result.
  • Platelet Rich Plasma or PRP. Right after the capillary graft intervention we will administer the plasma previously obtained from your own blood. This is a treatment of high economic and medical value. Its beneficial effect on cell regeneration and recovery is scientifically proven.
  • All pre-operative medical tests and analyzes. To ensure that you can perform the operation without complications.
  • Consult with the doctor and front line design. Our doctor in charge will evaluate your case, respond to your requests and design the quantity and position of the hair grafts to be grafted and covered.
  • Hospital equipment. Like clothes and painkillers. For before and after hair implant Turkey price.
  • We will apply it locally so that you do not feel any discomfort throughout the duration of the hair transplant.
  • Post-operative foam and shampoo. For the care of the scalp just after the intervention and for the next two weeks.
  • Medicine and instructions. You will be given certain medications and will explain how to proceed for the next few weeks to ensure optimal growth of the transplanted hair.
  • Control the day after the operation. It will take place in the hospital and at no extra cost. Our doctors will examine your case and perform the first wash.
  • English-Turkish translator. Our hospital has translators in case you need them.
  • Two nights in our five-star hotel in Istanbul. Free buffet breakfast included. It is necessary to keep you energized for the operation.
  • All transfers between airport, hotel and hospital at any time and from any airport. We will never leave you alone and you will not have to spend any of the price of the contracted package.
  • All inquiries. Before, during and after your hair operation. You will always have someone on the phone to help you.
  • Certificate of guarantee from the clinic.
  • This package does not include a plane ticket.

Hair implant Turkey basic package price: 1990 pounds.

Answer our team to get the best Turkey hair implant price with Tucapilar.