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Hair implant Turkey

//Hair implant Turkey

Hair implant Turkey

Hair implant Turkey

Hair implant Turkey: every year thousands of people visit Turkey for their cosmetic hair operations. The eastern country is an ideal destination in the medical tourism sector as well as a reference for those who request a definitive solution to their alopecia.

It is the nation with the largest number of hair implant interventions in the world. For this reason, there are currently a large number of clinics, companies and healthcare professionals dedicated exclusively to this market of aesthetic beauty interventions. Our company, Turcapilar, arises in response to a demand from people with this need. We offer a professional and economical solution to an aesthetic problem suffered by almost fifty percent of the men in our country.

The Turkey hair implant meets the highest international standards. Its hair clinics are reviewed by international objective agencies. Doctors and staff are highly trained and their experience leads to a master's degree. Not for nothing are doctors who operate on hundreds of patients each year. His master's degree is much higher than that of doctors from other countries, for example. In addition, the high competitiveness of the factor has led companies to specialize in good manners and excellent additional services.

Hair implant Turkey - existing techniques

Hair implant Turkey is only offered through the most modern technique that exists: the FUE technique or unitary extraction of follicles . Meanwhile, in other countries they still use FUSS or FUT techniques. Turcapilar only works with the FUE technique, which guarantees the best results with minimal impacts and optimal patient recovery. Remember that in Turkey we offer packages where we do not count the number of follicles to be implanted when charging. The Turkey hair implant will be done regardless of the number of hair follicles to be implanted.

It comes up because even in other countries they charge depending on the number of hairs to be implanted. That is, it may be that the patient decides to implant only an amount and thus not cover all their alopecia. At Turcapilar we only use the FUE method. Our price includes the number of hair follicles necessary to restore your optimal appearance. Unlimited.

In other countries, in addition to being much more expensive, they still use the FUSS or FUT technique, in which a strip of meat from the back is removed from the patient. It is then stitched up and leaves a scar for life. On this strip of meat the hairs are extracted and they are placed in the front part. The Turkey hair implant with Turcapilar ensures you only the FUE technique. It is the most used technique for capillary micrografts. We also offer the DHI technique which is an extension of the previous one. In this, through an implanter, the hair follicles are introduced one by one directly in the area to be received. Recovery time and scars are minimized.

Hair implant Turkey - process

The hair transplant procedure is simple. Turcapilar will accompany you and will be by your side throughout your Turkey hair implant procedure. On the same day of the intervention, we will offer you a buffet breakfast to keep you strong throughout the hair operation. This can last up to almost 7 hours. Being the normal 4 to 6. Once finished, we will have a driver available to transfer you to the hotel to rest.

Once in our clinic you will have a meeting with the doctor. You will be able to present your questions and together they will design the front line . Here we already have an idea of ​​how many hair follicles will be implanted. You will see that the front line will be painted as close to the forehead as possible, so that it has an optimal appearance. It is a guarantee because at the end of the recovery it is as if he had never had hair loss.

Afterward, our nurses will shave our patients' hair. If previously agreed with the doctors, you can have the Turkey hair implant without shaving . Note that this option is aesthetically better but more difficult for the doctor. It will take longer to perform the hair implant and it may be more uncomfortable for the medical team. In any case, you will not feel pain or discomfort because prior to the intervention we will give you muscle pain relievers.

Once in the operating room we will anesthetize your scalp so that nothing remains during the entire time that the Turkey hair implant lasts. You may feel some pain from the pricks from the anesthesia. But it is only a few minutes and after that you will feel absolutely no pain during the entire time that the intervention lasts. Our professionals will be involved in the unitary extraction of your hair follicles from the back and their graft in the bald area. Each hair follicle contains 1 to 4 hairs. The experience and skill of the surgeon will determine the result obtained. But you already know that our professionals perform grafts almost daily, so their experience is beyond any doubt.

Hair implant Turkey - who is suitable for the intervention

People of all ages and of both genders are suitable for a Turkish hair implant with Turcapilar. Most of the interventions are, logically, carried out in men. But many women also come to us to retouch their density or frontal hairline. It may be a little known case but hair implants for women are an excellent solution to aesthetically retouch your face and hair. In a few hours and at a very affordable price, the Turkey hair implant is also performed for women.

The operation always follows the same procedure: follicular units are extracted individually. From the donor party to the recipient party. A technique determined by the training and experience of the doctors is followed.

In the case of men, we have all ages and types of alopecia . One note to keep in mind is that it is not necessary to go completely bald to have a hair implant Turkey. Among young people, when their baldness is being determined, they can come in for surgery without practically going through the bald stage. We cover in the same operation any part that the person needs: crown, top of the head or entrances. Alopecia really evolves randomly, so waiting may not always be the best option.

As soon as you have it clear, you can go to Turcapilar to permanently solve your hair loss. Remember that our packs and prices are the most competitive.

 Hair implant Turkey - Turcapilar is the best hair clinic Turkey

For a few years, Turcapilar has become the benchmark for hair tourism to Turkey. We are one of the clinics with the largest number of patients operated on. Our results are not in any doubt. We strive to ensure that the treatment and service of our staff and facilities is optimal. Our patients are our best guarantee. Every time we reach more and more people. Our goal is to regain the trust of our patients. Remember that our Turkey hair implant packs come with a closed price and all included (except flights).