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Hair implant in Turkey with FUE SAPPHIRE

//Hair implant in Turkey with FUE SAPPHIRE

Hair implant in Turkey with FUE SAPPHIRE

Hair implant with FUE Sapphire technique

The most advanced and reliable technique in the field of hair transplants is the FUE technique. In English it is the Follicular Unit Extraction, translated as unitary extraction of follicles. This technique extracts the follicles in the area where there are follicles, called the donor area to later graft them in the area where it is required. The follicles are extracted and grafted one by one , leaving no scar and achieving a very short and bearable postoperative period.

The FUE technique works under anesthesia so you don't feel no pain during operation. In a single session of duration between 4 and 8 hours a patient can obtain up to five thousand follicles, with which in a single session we are able to return almost anyone.

The FUE technique uses a tool for the extraction of follicles specifically designed for this task. Implant operations of hair in Turkey use donor hair, that hair from the parts back and sides of the head in a certain proportion so that they do not the loss of density is appreciated when the hair grows back. This The tool extracts the follicles so precisely that there are no marks and also the healing of the donor area is of just two weeks.

How a hair implant works in Turkey with the FUE technique Sapphire

First the whole head is shaved to do more easy extraction of the follicles to be extracted.  

Next is anesthesia through local anesthesia (our center has anesthesia painless) in the part to be extracted and the receiving part.

Then the follicles are extracted one by one by means of the punch tool specially designed to obtain root follicles together with the capillary organs without damaging them. These are soaked in serum to keep them until they are placed in the receiving area.

Micro incisions are made, which in our case is performed with a sapphire-tipped tool to lighter incisions . Contact us for more details of our FUE technique SAPPHIRE.

Finally, one by one, the follicles in the newly opened grafts. Now it's about waiting for the own scalp heal and absorb the hair root to maintain the follicle permanently.

Relevant information after a hair implant in Turkey with FUE Sapphire technique

After a hair implant in Turkey we bandage the donor area because there may be a little bleeding and to contribute to its recovery faster. However, we leave the receiving area outdoors because it cannot suffer any type of contact during the first days. It is also positive that it dries quickly.

Therefore it is very important to be cautious during the first night, as rubbing or hitting the area with the newly implanted follicles is counterproductive. Therefore, you must strictly follow the instructions that we give you when it comes to book and for a week sleep without let nothing touch the newly implanted follicles .

After a day we remove the bandages and proceed to perform the washed. These washes are very gentle and you will have to perform them according to the indications that our team will give you. It is a way of eliminating progressively the scabs of the operation to recover your image.

This task lasts about ten days what does it take the chips to dry and fall off, although in some cases it takes longer. In any case we prefer it to be conservative with this process.

If you need more information about hair implants in Turkey with Turcapilar you can contact our team which will will explain all your doubts so that recovering your hair is an experience nice.