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Hair graft - hair follicles

//Hair graft - hair follicles

Hair graft - hair follicles

Number of follicles in a hair graft

To start this article we want to explain that a follicle, also called follicular unit or graft is the unit of extraction and placement during a hair transplant containing 1, 2, 3 or 4 hairs. It is that is, it is the unit that carries the hair cell and that makes transplantation possible capillary.

Hair transplant packages in Turkey from Turcapilar they manage to extract and graft up to 5000 follicles in a single session , achieving a complete and long-lasting result in a very short time.

What is a follicular unit?

It is the grouping of hair or hair that contains a hair follicle . It is the part that contains the producing cell and hair along with the skin that gives growth to these hairs. In a young person there are up to almost four million hair follicles, and for natural aging we all lose hair naturally. Except that some people, by genetic code, suffer from alopecia and lose a lot in a little weather.

Still, an adult who does not suffer from alopecia will be between 60 and 120 follicular units per square centimeter, that is, between 90 and 150 thousand hair

5000 follicles is not the same as 5000 hairs

This is a very recurring clarification when we speak with our patients. They have to know that our doctors confirm the number of follicular units but which in turn corresponds to a quantity broader hairs. An approximation for a patient with low density it would be that after a transplant of 5000 follicles would obtain between 11 and 13 thousand grafted hairs.

The number of follicles in a person varies depending on the hair type, age, and race.

According to official statistics, people with hair blondes have more density, then brunettes and finally redheads. Even if as we can see, each person is different. And according to race, Asians have one follicle per follicular unit, although they suffer less from alopecia. Africans follow with two hairs per unit follicular and finally Caucasian people who have on average three hairs per follicle.

Additionally we have to take into account that the hairs have a vital process in which they are born, grow and die. Each follicle so independent from another and with an indeterminate duration, although it is possible to studying each patient. Still all they are born again because the hair cycle runs its course. Except for people suffering from common alopecia. By This process also happens the shock loss or loss of hair loss after Turcapilar's hair transplant operation in Turkey. But the hair is correctly grafted and always returns to grow .

How many grafts do I need for a hair transplant?

This will depend on many factors such as your age, density capillary and area to be covered. But especially from your donor area. That's why it's very It is important to assess your case and explain the process correctly. You can get in touch with our expert team who will advise you with a lot taste.

Results after hair transplantation in Turkey with Turcapilar

The results must be realistic and objective . This is why the initial assessment is so important and you will have to make the decision after communicating the doctors and our team the possible end result. Doctors and their team of specialists They are world-class and know their work well. They also use the most advanced and widespread techniques that exist so that your hair operation in Turkey it is always a reliable option.

However, depending on the client, the operation is viable or no because there is a limit of follicles to be extracted from your donor area, and if this was not wide or dense enough the result would not be complete. Our intention is always to provide a radical aesthetic improvement in our patients so our affection and attention are on your side.

Turcapilar's hair transplant operations in Turkey are unlimited follicles and closed price

Turcapilar a través de su hospital estético internacional emplea la técnica FUE Zafiro y DHI por ser las técnicas más avanzadas y fiables que existen. Estas técnicas son capaces de trasplantar hasta cinco mil folículos por sesión,  dotando al paciente de un resultado completo en solo una sesión.  Para aquellos pacientes que necesiten menos folículos nuestros especialistas se  preocupan por proporcionar densidad y posiciones naturales para los folículos injertados.

The price is the same for each patient, including all services and products additional that such an operation requires. You can consult with our team to get your hair back in no time. We are waiting for you.