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Woman hair graft Turkey

//Woman hair graft Turkey

Woman hair graft Turkey

Woman hair graft Turkey

Turcapilar offers female hair graft in Turkey for all those women who wish to retouch their front line. Our hair transplants for women take place in Istanbul, the capital of Turkey. It is the city in the world that performs the most hair transplants. And women are also patients of our center with excellent results.

Every month hundreds of men and women come to Turkey for their hair transplant. The reasons are clear: economy and results. The excellent result in men can be extrapolated to women. They achieve spectacular results without drastic changes in the image. In addition, hair transplants in women in Turkey have a shorter duration and fewer complications. The prices are closed packs in which everything is included. They include hair transplantation for women with hotel, transportation and all equipment included.

It is true that there are still doubts to perform a hair transplant for women in Turkey. But from the hand of an agency with hundreds of people behind us, the result is one step away. You just have to call us and we will give you the confidence to take the step.

Woman hair graft in Turkey - cause of hair loss in women

Age is the number one cause of hair loss in women. And it is that as we get older, both men and women suffer the loss of capillary density. According to studies, one in five women suffer loss of capillary density. The reasons are genetic, age or stress. Diet also has an influence on hair loss in women.

Also, the use of hair products that carry harsh chemicals are a major reason as well. These chemicals can damage hair follicles and impair hair growth. Think that our hair has been subjected to these chemicals for years.

Hair loss in women is different than in men. For men, alopecia is a matter of genetic chance and its loss is definitive. Until the appearance of hair transplants. Women generally suffer from hair loss throughout the entire hair mass. Proportionally. They use medication, however the best way to alleviate this problem is by discovering its cause and treating it.

Hair transplant woman Turkey - difference in hair transplantation for women

The female hair graft does not differ from the technique used for men. For both genders we use the FUE technique . This technique moves the hair follicles one by one from the back or donor part of the scalp to the front area or part to be filled.

The majority of women who come to Turkey for a hair transplant are due to an aesthetic retouch of their front line . For this, hair follicles are separately extracted and filled in the frontal line. The surgeon, together with the patient, will design the frontal line before the operation. An optimal result with great density on the front or line to be highlighted.

It is important to select the best clinic for women hair transplants in Turkey. Our team is highly trained and experienced. With thousands of patients annually, you will be in the best of hands. You just have to contact us and we will give you the confidence to take the step.

We only intervene hair transplants with the FUE technique. This technique involves the unitary extraction of hair follicles that are transplanted one by one in the donor area. FUE is currently the most advanced technique that exists and the least invasive . It does not leave scars and the result is for life. It is also priced in all-inclusive packs so you don't have to worry about anything.

In our women's hair implant clinics in Turkey we do not use the FUT or strip technique. If you find any clinic that still charges for this technique, discard it immediately. It leaves permanent scars and has notable risks.

Woman hair transplant Turkey - specialists in hair transplantation for women

All of our doctors have experience in hair transplantation with women. Hundreds of men and women are treated annually with their hair differences. They will give you a personalized approach based on the desired result. Our team and hospital is endorsed by outside organizations that have certificates of excellence. It translates into exquisite treatment and results, complying with the highest sanitary standards in the country.

Remember that we are at your disposal also after the postoperative period and we have staff in English.

The price of a female hair graft in Istanbul, Turkey, with Turcapilar is only a fraction of the cost in other European countries. But without a doubt what will motivate you to carry out such an intervention is the result. Get your confidence back in no time.

Turcapilar's female hair graft provides healthy and natural hair. Our surgeons will guarantee you results. For more information, contact us now.