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Hair transplant Turkey

//Hair transplant Turkey

Hair transplant Turkey

Hair transplant Turkey

Hair transplant Turkey : every year tens of thousands of People go to Turkey as the ideal destination for their hair operations. This country is number one in terms of the number of people who attend this type of intervention. Hair tourism is the great reference for those who come to put a solution to their alopecia in a total way.

The large number of patients who come to this country has had a great economic impact on the country. Mainly in Istanbul. This has produced the emergence of a multitude of agencies, hospitals, clinics and doctors specialized in this field exclusively. Turkey is also characterized by hosting all kinds of aesthetic operations. Turcapilar arises from this demand for a solution to alopecia. The most effective and economical solution to a problem that affects approximately fifty percent of the men in our country.

Turkey hair graft is executed in compliance with international standards of the highest level . Its clinics and equipment are regularly reviewed by commissions outside the organization. Doctors are highly trained. Their experience is much greater than that of any country due to the large number of hair grafts performed each year. Its ability is beyond question. Also the fact that there are so many clinics has improved the service and the need for excellent treatment and services.

Hair transplant Turkey - techniques used

In many other places they still use obsolete methods or techniques. Like the FUT os FUSS technique. This technique removes a strip of skin from the donor part of the patient and then the wound is stitched up. In this way a scar is produced forever in the patient.

The Turkish hair graft only uses the FUE technique or unitary follicle extraction capillaries. By this method the recovery of the patient is excellent. It does not leave scars and the recovery is very short. The number of follicles to be implanted will depend on the size of the area to be covered. The Turkey hair graft is always performed with the maximum number of hair grafts that the patient needs at no extra cost.

In Turkey we only offer the FUE technique. Even some advanced improvements such as the DHI technique , a variation of the latter in which a tool called an implanter is used to implant the follicles directly in the donor area. This reduces time and minimizes bleeding.

Hair transplant Turkey - how is it done

In a very simple and pleasant way. Turcapilar will be by your side and will explain each step of the process of your Turkey hair graft. We will start arriving in Istanbul where our team will pick you up and transfer you to the hospital. The next morning we offer you a buffet breakfast to fill you with energy for the duration of the hair operation. Remember that a Turkey hair graft can last up to 7 hours. Being the usual from 4 to 6. At the end we will take you back to the hotel to rest.

The whole process is usually quite systematic. You will meet with our doctors. They will comment on the basic questions, number of follicles to be implanted and will design the front hairline. From this moment you will feel that you will have hair as far as the doctor indicates. It is a relief to see that your hairline will return to its beginning. We are very aware of the trust placed in us and we want to return it to you with the best service and results. That is why our doctors strive to provide density and a natural appearance to the frontal hairline.

After this, the rest of the medical team will proceed to draw blood for tests standard medical. After this we normally shave our patients. But it is possible to perform the operation without shaving. You just have to tell our doctor. Although we always recommend doing the operation with shaved hair, as it is faster and more practical. However Turcapilar offers the Turkey hair graft without shaving .

Before the operation we will provide you with oral pain relievers so that you are more relaxed. Then you will access the operating room and we will start the operation anesthetizing both areas, donor and recipient. You may feel the sting of the anesthesia. But in a few minutes you will not feel anything for the entire duration of the intervention.

Llegados a este punto, nuestro doctor le extraerá uno a uno los folículos capilares y posteriormente los implantará en la zona a cubrir. Cada folículo piloso contiene uno, dos o cuatro pelos. Aquí es muy importante la experiencia y habilidad del doctor. Recuerda que nuestros doctores operan a cientos de pacientes anualmente. Por lo que puedes tener la seguridad de que estás en las mejores manos. 

Hair transplant Turkey - who can have surgery

We currently have patients of all ages and genders. Turcapilar offers Turkey hair graft for both men and women . It is true that men are more common. But we also perform hair micrograft interventions for women in Turkey. There are many women who decide to undergo this type of intervention to correct their aesthetic hairline. In a very few hours and with a lifelong result you can achieve a permanent improvement of your hair and facial beauty. The procedure is the same. Hair follicles are removed from the donor or back area and moved to the front.

Regarding men, men of all sizes undergo hair grafting conditions and ages. The general belief is that alopecia has to advance enough to be able to undergo this type of intervention. But on the contrary, as soon as there is sufficient lack of hair, anyone can undergo this intervention. And it is that alopecia evolves in an indeterminate and random way for each case. It moves forward and stops at an unfamiliar pace. Therefore, as soon as you want to show off your hair again, you just have to contact us. Since the result is so effective, surprising and economical, there is no need to wait. We can cover any part of the scalp and unlimited follicles .

Hair transplant Turkey - the best clinic: Turcapilar

Turcapilar is currently one of the agencies that carries out the largest number of hair grafts in Turkey. We are an important agency in the sector and our hospital welcomes patients from all countries on a weekly basis. In addition, the result is beyond doubt. Therefore we differentiate ourselves based on the treatment and good service .

Our patients are our best guarantee. We strive to reach more people every day and regain their trust for life.

All our packages are all-inclusive with no extra costs. We will accompany you so that your Turkey hair graft is an experience .