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Post-operative hair transplant washing in Turkey

//Post-operative hair transplant washing in Turkey

Post-operative hair transplant washing in Turkey

Post-operative washing after hair transplantation in Turkey

After the first day of the hair transplant operation in Turkey we will proceed to carry out a post-operative review in our hospital to check that everything has gone correctly. We will also give you instructions so that during the next few months be clear about all aspects of the care and growth process of your hair. Also on the same day we are going to carry out an example wash explaining how you are going to do it for the next two weeks.

Generic care of your newly transplanted hair

Instructions for washing are as follows:

  • Moisten your head with the foam that we provide. Let it sit for about 20-30 minutes.
  • Then put some shampoo in their fingers and touch with very little pressure the entire grafted area. So that you feel very light contact with the shampoo.
  • Subsequently rinse with lukewarm or cold water until all traces of foam and shampoo are removed.

Other generic instructions that will possibly happen after your hair transplant in Turkey with Turcapilar are the following:

  • Avoid prolonged direct sun exposure during the first six months. For this use a cap or stay in the shadow.
  • The first week be careful not to brush the follicles with the pillow or Take off your shirt , some follicles may come off. It's just one week.
  • You may feel itchy, but this is normal when a wound is healing. You can apply a little water to calm the feeling.
  • Also some people will feel padding for possibly up to a month. It is the sensitivity recovering slightly of the hair transplant operation in Turkey.
  • During The first days the area will be inflamed by the anesthesia . We facilitate an elastic band to prevent it from falling into the eyes. This swelling lasts about a week, although its decrease is progressive.
  • Existence of scabs after hair graft. Our operations are very clean but it is common for there to be some scab, which is nothing more than the sum of several posillages. These will fall off when dry in just under two weeks. Do not accelerate their process, their recovery is fast.
  • After a few 10-15 days all the scabs will have fallen off and you can do your washing as usual. Although we recommend washing only 3-4 times a week with a ph-neutral shampoo.

Post-operative washing with cold or warm water

And is that hot water can dilate the scabs and the scalp and impair healing. Therefore we ask you to carry out all washes during the first week after your hair transplant in Turkey with cold or warm water.

A hair transplant is a simple operation in comparison with other medical operations. The Sapphire FUE method or DHI technique do not allow post-operative periods complex. But it is our obligation and your interest to take the best measures to obtain an optimal result. Follow the instructions that we will give you giving every few months and if you have any questions get in touch not our team .

If you have made the decision to carry out your hair transplant in Turkey or you need information or a personalized assessment, please contact the Turcapilar team.