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Hair transplant washing instructions

//Hair transplant washing instructions

Hair transplant washing instructions

Hair transplant washing instructions

You may think about the idea of ​​having a hair transplant intervention and thinking about all the necessary procedure and information. Among them, it is necessary, although we will explain it in situ in our hospital later, that you know how to proceed with the post-operative washing after your hair transplant in Turkey .

In particular, we are going to comment on the main care you have to take during the first days after your hair transplant. With this little guide we are going to clarify a little more some aspects of the care after your hair graft. Remind you that all this information, and much more, will be provided in writing after making your hair transplant reservation with Turcapilar.

Care after hair transplantation in Turkey

  • During the first six months avoid prolonged exposure to the sun . The sun can damage the scalp and can affect natural hair growth. In this case you can wear a hat or caps or walk in not sunny areas.
  • There are no extraordinary precautions regarding clothing , only during the first days you have to be careful not to touch the recently operated area.
  • The need to not receive a blow s in the area where the hair graft has occurred also comes up.
  • Perhaps one of the most problematic tasks when caring for your recently operated hair transplant is at bedtime . And it is that when we sleep we move and we can touch the area with the pillow or bed. We only ask that during the first week you try to sleep on your back or in such a way that the implanted follicles do not rub against anything.

Specific care related to washing the transplant capillary:

Regarding washing, follow it as follows:

  • Moisten your head with slightly cold water . Apply this water with your hands and do not use any tap or pressure jet. Softness is requested. You can also do it with a glass or bottle.
  • Apply the foam that we provide you in our hospital . Spread it over the entire receiving area and let it sit for 20 to 30 minutes.
  • Rinse with lukewarm water and without pressure.
  • You can leave it like that or wash it with a little shampoo that we provide. Don't rub, just touch gently. After two weeks, when all the micro wounds have healed, we can wash the hair normally.
  • Rinse again if shampoo has been used.
  • Dry with kitchen paper without making any kind of movement, just allowing the water to be absorbed.

More care for your recovery after micro-capillary graft

  • It is normal for you to feel itchy for the next few weeks. This is totally normal and you should not scratch yourself . You can use aloe vera or apply a little water. In any case it is a temporary symptom.
  • It is also normal to have the area swollen from the anesthesia itself. The body takes several days to eliminate it and it is not at all worrisome unless it falls into our eyes. In this case, it is more of an aesthetic problem than a health problem, but the correct use of the tape eliminates this problem.
  • Scabs, Hair transplantation produces thousands of mini incisions that, upon healing, leave scabs and often scabs. This is the logical thing and it is a matter of time before they fall . It is not necessary to accelerate the process of healing and loss of these wounds. Washing the hair will contribute to the natural loss of these scabs, but the process does not have to be accelerated. In less than two weeks our head will look completely healthy.
  • After a week or ten days, the follicles are fully implanted in the scalp and we can wash them by applying a little more force (without going overboard) than before. Still we ask for patience again. The scabs and scabs will fall off and you will see that some hairs will also fall out with them. But this is normal as the follicles enter resting phase and will be born later .
  • After about two weeks you can carry out the washes in the usual way: with circular movements and covering the entire area.

Hair transplant wash - water temperature

Our recommendations are to wash the hair during the first days of post-operative washing with warm water . And it is better cold than hot. High temperatures are not recommended for healing. It can reopen wounds and damage hair cells. In addition, hair wrinkles and tends to fall out with excessively hot water.

In any case, you must bear in mind that if the operation has been carried out with guarantees, and this is the case in our aesthetic hospital, there are no complicated precautions. Just pay attention to our instructions and pay attention to logic. Our instructions are conservative because we want to achieve the best possible result . That is our ultimate mission. If you have any questions, you can contact our expert team in hair transplants in Turkey. We will be delighted to help you.