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Hair mesotherapy for hair transplantation

//Hair mesotherapy for hair transplantation

Hair mesotherapy for hair transplantation

Hair Mesotherapy for Hair Transplantation in Turkey

Mesotherapy is a technique through which small doses of supplies or vitamins are injected directly to provide extra quality in the tissue and regeneration, in this case, hair.

Hair mesotherapy is applied with the same function. It is an alternative treatment for patients who want to increase the quality of their hair growth . It is actually a complementary function to taking vitamins or oral supplements.

The great advantage of hair mesotherapy is the direct introduction of vitamin components into the receptor area . In addition, the collagen resulting from the introduction of micro needles into the skin stimulates the growth and strengthening of the area. Hair mesotherapy deposits the substances locally. Therefore, the duration and absorption of these substances in the scalp is more precise and effective.

Mesotherapy for our hair is suitable in a way generic for everyone. However doctors should ask for your medical history to decide which substances will be applied for each patient.

Hair Mesotherapy - Effects

The natural aging of our body produces the gradual loss of vitamins and minerals that make our skin and hair become keep strong and healthy.

With this treatment we return to provide the body with the supplies that are lost naturally. Additionally, we improve blood circulation and stimulate hair roots .

Through mesotherapy we counteract the effect of dihydrotestosterone (DHT), which causes hair loss. Mesotherapy after hair transplantation is used to recover hair damaged for genetic or situational reasons. It has beneficial side effects such as: widening of fine hair, revitalizing shine and healing from damage. That is why mesotherapy is also very good for women .

Mesoterapia capilar tras trasplante capilar

Hair mesotherapy provides in addition to vitamins, amino acids and keratin for strong and healthy hair. Therefore it is a highly effective treatment for all types of problems and hair types.

Hair Mesotherapy - Duration

It is indicated for any generic hair problem and also for problems derived from excess hormones. It is proven to be most effective when performed over long periods of time.

Micro injections are used directly into the skin . Usually every few weeks for a period of 2 to 4 months. It is useful for both men and women in hair recovery and in preventing hair loss. But it will not cause new hair to grow where it did not exist. It is useful to stimulate the growth of existing hair and improve its quality.

Hair mesotherapy - painful treatment?

No. It is not a painful treatment . The patient may feel discomfort from the micro needles on the skin of the head but it is not really painful.

How long does it take for the results to be visible?

From the fourth month of treatment. But for this he has should be done correctly and consistently. It is essential to perform the treatment of continuously for the indicated time.

From the fourth month of treatment. But for this he has should be done correctly and consistently. It is essential to perform the treatment of continuously for the indicated time.

Los resultados de la mesoterapia capilar están fuera de dudas. Son los siguientes:

  • Stimulates growth.
  • Stops hair loss.
  • Improves the quality and speed of growth hair related.
  • Improves hair texture and quality.

These are improvements that are achieved in all patients. However, the improvement will depend on the initial condition of the patient. Different beneficial substances are injected for each patient. It is used both to prevent hair loss and to strengthen the birth of new follicles .

Hair mesotherapy helps when alopecia is recent, preventing hair loss and strengthening the scalp. However, it cannot completely stop alopecia. It is especially useful for circumstantial problems or for the stage of hair development after a hair transplant intervention.