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Hair micrograft Turkey

//Hair micrograft Turkey

Hair micrograft Turkey

Hair micrograft Turkey

Hair Micrograft Turkey: Tens of thousands of people come to Turkey for a hair implant procedure in Turkey every year. This country is a guaranteed destination within the medical tourism sector. It is also, of course, the best option to solve alopecia in a total way .

It is the country in the world with the largest number of hair micrograft operations in the world. This explains the large number of clinics and healthcare professionals dedicated exclusively to this aesthetic sector. Turcapilar, our company, operates in response to the need of many people in our country to show off hair and confidence again. We currently have the definitively best solution . It is a very inexpensive and professional solution to a problem suffered by nearly fifty percent of adult Caucasian men.

The Turkey hair micrograft is endorsed by national and international standards. Hair clinics are reviewed by outside and objective agencies. The legislation in this regard is quite demanding. All the human personnel of our team have extensive experience and training in the field of aesthetic medicine. Our professionals perform hundreds of operations annually. With what your experience is beyond doubt. The competition also means that the Turkish hair micrograft clinics have to specialize in offering the best service as well.

Hair micrograft Turkey - current methods

El microinjerto capilar Turquia solo es realizado utilizando la técnica más actual: la técnica FUE o extracción unitaria de folículos pilosos. Aun así, en otros países,  aún operan con la técnica FUSS o FUT. Esta técnica extrae una tira de carne de la parte trasera de la nuca y de ahí se escogen los folículos pilosos a trasplantar. Turcapilar solo ofrece la técnica FUE, que no deja cicatrices ni tiene complicaciones. Su impacto es casi nulo y la recuperación excelente.

Remember that our packs include an unlimited number of follicles to transplant. In other clinics they charge per follicle, which is unfair. This means that this technology will be more effective depending on the pocket of the patient. But with us, forget about paying more and relax. Turcapilar only offers the FUE method with unlimited number of grafts. It is the most advanced technique for hair micrograft Turkey . Our desire is to restore you to your optimal appearance forever.

Turcapilar also offers the extension of the FUE method, the DHI technique. It is based on the fact that the doctor, using an implanter, introduces the hair follicles directly into the recipient area. This reduces bleeding and recovery time.

Hair micrograft Turkey - what is the procedure?

The process of a hair micrograft Turkey is very easy and effective. From the morning of the operation we will be with you until the post-operative period. We offer you a buffet breakfast so that you have enough food and energy for the entire duration of the hair micrograft Turkey. The duration varies between 3 to 7 hours.

Al terminar, también tendremos conductor esperándole para que descanse. Al llegar a nuestra clínica tendrá una cita con el doctor. Allí juntos tratarán algunas cuestiones y le diseñarán la línea capilar frontal. Comenzará a sentir que su nuevo aspecto va a quedar tal cual le prometemos. En este momento tenemos una idea de cuantos folículos pilosos trasplantar. Nos esforzamos por que tenga un resultado óptimo, por lo que verá que le pintamos la línea frontal lo más adelanta posible según su tipo de cara. El objetivo es que el resultado final se aproxime lo máximo posible a si nunca hubiese sufrido la alopecia. Además estamos comprometidos con proporcionarle densidad, sobre todo en la parte delantera. Microinjerto capilar Turquia con Turcapilar es su mejor opción.

Hair micrograft Turkey - how is it next?

After drawing the front line, we shaved it off. Or if you have agreed with our doctor, it will be possible to perform a Turkish hair micrograft without shaving. This option is aesthetically better. However, it is also more complex and lengthy for the doctor. It takes longer and perhaps much more uncomfortable for our professionals. But if you wish, the end result is fully assured.

During the intervention you will not suffer any type of pain as we will locally anesthetize your entire scalp. Prior to this we will also give you some muscle relaxants so that you are more calm and relaxed.

The doctor will perform the extractions one by one of your hair follicles from the back. Subsequently, each hair or group of hairs will be introduced into the donor part. The skill and expertise of the doctor are very important here. Remember that our doctors are professionals who operate on a daily basis, so they know very well what they do.

Hair micrograft Turkey - suitable people for the operation

The Turkey hair micrograft is available for people of all ages and genders. Turcapilar operates on women and men. Obviously the majority are men. But there are also many women who accompany us to improve their hair aesthetics. Especially to define your hairline or increase its density. The Turkey Hair Micrograft for Women is a very reliable and inexpensive solution for female alopecia. The result is equally excellent. In very little we perform hair implants for women in Turkey.

For both men and women the Turkish hair micrograft follows the same pattern. The follicular units of the recipient are extracted one by one and implanted in the donor or bald area. Here, in addition to the technique, the experience and training of the doctors is important.

For men, we operate all types of alopecia and it does not matter the age of the subject. Note that it is possible to have surgery without being completely bald. In other words, at any time the patient wishes, they can carry out their capillary intervention. Young people sometimes think that they need to wait to develop their alopecia over time. However, as soon as it is deduced the parts that will lose hair or that have already lost you can undergo a hair micrograft operation Turkey.

Alopecia evolves randomly so we do not know if it is convenient to wait in each case. Turcapilar solves alopecia of the entrances, crown, central part of the head or all at once. It is not necessary to wait for such an economical and effective solution.

As soon as you are clear that you want to put an end to your alopecia, contact Turcapilar. Together we will definitively solve your lack of hair. Do not forget that the packs and prices include the best options and the best value for money.

Hair micrograft Turkey - why is Turcapilar the best hair clinic in Istanbul?

Turcapilar has undergone a spectacular expansion for years due to good results and the satisfaction of our customers . We do not know of a single customer dissatisfied with the result. We strive for our difference from other clinics to be the treatment and quality of service. That is why we have searched for the best hotel and clinic in Istanbul.

Our clients are our greatest guarantee. It is normal that each time we reach more and more people. We have the objective of restoring their smile and confidence in a definitive way. Do not forget that our Turkey hair micrograft packages are with a closed price and all included .