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Myths about hair grafting in Turkey

//Myths about hair grafting in Turkey

Myths about hair grafting in Turkey

Myths or lies about hair transplantation in Turkey

Transplants have been performed for more than thirty years capillaries in Turkey, but it was not until a few years ago that the Spanish public He travels en masse to the Ottoman country to get his hair back. Today we are going to clarify some of the most notorious lies or myths about hair grafts in general and in particular on those made in Turkey.

Hair transplantation hurts

No, nothing hurts. In fact, it does not hurt during or after the operation. After finishing this There are discomforts because we have been shaved and grafted by thousands of follicles but it cannot be called pain. The operations start from local anesthesia for the entire area where you are going to intervene, so the duration of the transplant will not feel any pain.

We take care of supplying anesthesia, products and medicine to ease any discomfort you may have after your hair transplant.

Grafted hair falls out

No. It never falls off. The hair that has fallen as a result of genetic alopecia has as its only reason their genetic code that programmed them to fall. However the hairs Transplanted patients move from parts that do not detach in any patient. Of so that all we have done is transfer a follicle (in this case thousands of them) from one part of the head to another. But precisely these follicles have a genetic code that allows them to endure and are not affected by androgenic alopecia.

Hair does not grow after grafting

Some people are unaware that transplanted hair is hair their own, and they think it is some kind of synthetic hair. The hair is that of the same person and grows following the normal growth cycles of healthy hair . In fact it has very little time has passed away from the scalp and our own head returns to absorb these follicles as their own. The hair cell of the follicle will revert to shed hair in its normal growth cycle for life.

Sport forbidden after a hair graft

No. Just we restrict physical effort to a minimum during the first month after the intervention . And we believe that it is possible to carry out any gesture or effort that rubs, hits or slows the recovery of the area transplanted. For you as a patient, for us as specialists in returning the hair image it is essential to achieve the best result by what we ask do not do physical efforts or sports during the first month after her hair transplant in Turkey.

Older people cannot perform a transplant capillary in Turkey

Nothing could be further from the truth, and it is that it does not matter the age to time to regain hair. Anyone can benefit from a hair transplant, returning to have hair in those areas punished by the alopecia. Far from being true this affirmation, most of our patients are between 40 and 60 years old . Also when the alopecia has completed its cycle, which is quite unpredictable in speed and duration, it is when operations have a degree maximum completeness, since no large loss of hair is expected when the alopecia continue.

Hair transplant in Turkey is a men's operation

This is another great myth and it is that approximately ten percent 100 of our patients are women . Alopecia also affects women, causing them to lose density. In the In the case of women, the appearance of strong and healthy hair is very important, so after trying dozens of solutions they decide to go to our hair transplant specialists in Turkey to fill or provide density those parts that need it. Furthermore, with the new DHI technique, no need to shave and in a single intervention our doctors can achieve a dense and natural distribution of hair in women.

After coming from Turkey we sell with hair

No, because to start hair transplantation in Turkey, performed after shaving the patient so follicles are grafted with a Minimum length. When he returns from Turkey, thousands of microphones will have been grafted on him. follicles or hairs, so it will come back as if it was shaved. It will also have the consequence of hundreds of scabs and you will not look like a person with mane but rather a head that takes a week to heal. Starting from here the hairs begin to grow but a large part of them fall into the so-called shock loss effect and will begin to sprout little by little over the following months . That is, the transplant capillary in Turkey offers total results after months of the intervention.

There are other better methods

No, since all other hair methods can attenuate or dampen the effect of your alopecia . Also, many, like finasteride have serious effects secondary so we even recommend not taking them. In the case of hair transplant in Turkey there are no side effects nor do they need to take nothing for life. You also don't need to spend any money. With some cares minimums such as good nutrition and the use of a neutral ph shampoo is sufficient so your hair looks strong and healthy for life.

If you need more information or assessment about your hair condition, contact our experts in micro hair graft in Turkey. We are waiting for you!