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Plan your hair transplant in Turkey

//Plan your hair transplant in Turkey

Plan your hair transplant in Turkey

Planning your hair transplant in Turkey

Our team of hair transplant experts in Turkey recommends you plan your operation with the correct measurements and information that we will give you. Apart from the oral information or that you will find in our website will provide you with a manual of prior and post information so that you have as much information as possible about your surgery hair transplantation in Turkey.

It is an operation and the The result is for life so it should be taken seriously. To start we need to arrange a consultation in which a valuation will be provided to you personalized of your case and its possibilities. We want to offer you the best possible outcome but you have to take into account your physical circumstances and capillaries. Beyond this you do not have to worry as you can trust our team of experts who work with the best techniques in our private international hospital.

This operation is performed in just one session but it is may need time to square dates and considering that the Post-operative process is bearable but can last up to a month on average. Of done the consequences of the operation are visible for at least fifteen days after the operation.

Medical team at your hair transplant in Turkey

Our expert medical team will design your hair operation based on your donor area, so once in front of the doctor we can check the density of the patient and the number of follicles to be implanted to end your alopecia once and for all.

The team of doctors and specialists is essential to give patients confidence and good results who wish to put an end to their baldness. Our doctors and team are qualified and have great experience. Not in vain do hundreds of operations annually. It is a proven fact that hair transplantation in Turkey performs better than in Spain mainly because the doctors have more experience and master's degree. These doctors and helpers they have a very high rhythm and precision.

They are able to perform operations significantly better than in any other clinic because experience is a degree, and when it is about distributing thousands of follicles, it is worth coming to Turkey to have an operation by one of our doctors .

Hair transplant in hospital

Also your transplant hair in Turkey will be performed in our international aesthetic hospital , providing you with maximum health security. And it is that all our doctors are certified, our equipment and products are as required and in case of In an emergency, a world-class hospital is at your disposal.

Operations of hair transplantation in Turkey are relatively simple , but we put the maximum effort to treat each client as unique because it is an experience unique in their lives. From planning to realization and post-operatively, the Turcapilar team will be by your side to attend to all the requests that are necessary.

Turcapilar offers the definitive solution to all those patients who are looking for a quality center with expert specialists to end their alopecia of a once and for all and obtain an optimal result. Contact us for more information!