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Platelet Rich Plasma or PRP against alopecia

//Platelet Rich Plasma or PRP against alopecia

Platelet Rich Plasma or PRP against alopecia

Platelet rich plasma

Platelet Rich Plasma for Alopecia or PRP refers to a product with aesthetic and medicinal action. The blood is extracted from the patient and then, through a centrifugation process, its natural components are separated: white blood cells, white blood cells, platelets and plasma. Once obtained and separated, the platelet-rich plasma is separated and injected back into the patient.

Its use has spread in recent years as it is an incredibly beneficial technique for hair transplant operations or treating cases of alopecia in women. For years, even before the use of hair micrografts, Turkish hair clinics already used this technique for the benefit of hair growth, development and strengthening. Today, it is additionally used for the great effect it has on regeneration and healing after a hair graft .

Platelet rich plasma - how it works

Upon centrifugation, the platelet-rich plasma is enriched by the appearance of growth factors and anti-inflammatory and repair molecules. In turn, the use of this plasma in parts of the skin such as the head after a hair transplant, achieves optimal anti-inflammation and recovery in the blood supply.

Until the successful hair transplants in Turkey , the use of this platelet-rich plasma was enough to revitalize the area suffering from alopecia. However, genetics and time ended up playing their part.

Platelet-rich plasma alopecia

Platelet Rich Plasma or PRP is currently used by all Turkish hair clinics after a hair transplant procedure. This novel technique, in which we repeat, uses the patient's own blood, boosts, accelerates and stimulates the regeneration of hair tissues. Currently its application is widely used in the world of sports and post-operative interventions.

Its capillary application manages to stop hair loss. Also hair regeneration for patients who have moderately lost their hair. However, after a hair implant operation, this hair will never be lost again. So the use of platelet-rich plasma only contributes to capillary recovery.

The mode of use in the patient is direct injection into the scalp once the hair transplant has been completed. It may be injected in various areas of the head, where it is most convenient for recovery. As the scalp is anesthetized, no pain is felt with the use of this technique.

Platelet Rich Plasma Alopecia Results

You will have observed that all our patients obtain the best results after undergoing a hair transplant operation . Our all-inclusive packs always include platelet-rich plasma for alopecia. Its cost is valued at more than 400 euros. But Turcapilar includes it as an optimal service so that you obtain the best result in your hair transplant.

You will see that we have one hundred percent success in our hair grafts. We certify these results for life.

Hair transplantation Turkey is a hair operation that has a recovery time that with the use of platelet-rich plasma alopecia we drastically decrease. At Turcapilar we are here to improve every detail and ensure that the patient has the best possible experience.