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Plastic surgery

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Facial aesthetics

The face is the most visible part of the body, so interventions for aesthetic improvement of any part of the face are common, with effective results . Facial aesthetics aims to adjust facial features to produce harmony and beauty.

We offer all kinds of facial procedures to adjust the effects of aging or genetics to your liking with safety and sanitary commitment.

Whatever your case or expectation, let yourself be informed by our team of experts who will put at your disposal the professionalism of our acclaimed aesthetic center.






Breast aesthetics

Breast surgery is used to modify or repair the appearance and functionality of the breast . Professionalism and good services are factors to take into account for the best possible result.

The traditional breast augmentation operation is still the most demanded cosmetic surgery among women due to its reliability and results.

Additionally, our aesthetic hospital offers other types of aesthetic operations related to the modification, increase or decrease of the size of the breasts in both women and men. You can find more information by contacting us .


Breast augmentation

Breast reduction


Breast lift

Body aesthetics

One of the most important trends in cosmetic surgery today are operations to change the appearance of the body . It is the solution for those who want to improve their body, not only aesthetics, but also their health .

It includes the modification of certain parts of the body for its external and internal benefit through treatments against cellulite, stretch marks and localized fat. Also the aesthetic interventions that we offer enhance, define and strengthen the treated areas.

In our aesthetic center professionals and first class service meet for body aesthetic interventions, among which the following stand out.


Tummy tuck


Arms/legs lift

Butt lift

Dental Aesthetics

Dental health and aesthetics is important for the appearance and well-being of the face and body. They provide a more attractive image and achieve security through appearance .

It starts from a cosmetic analysis focused on improving the visibility of the smile and mouth. It is also used to correct defects in any part of the mouth, regardless of its visibility.

Academic Hospital has personalized treatments for each person , among which those shown below stand out.



Dental implants

Zirconia crowns

Other dental treatments