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Products and sports after hair transplantation in Turkey

//Products and sports after hair transplantation in Turkey

Products and sports after hair transplantation in Turkey

Things to consider after your hair transplant in Turkey

Hair transplantation is a process that continues long after the operation has finished. It will be largely up to you to ensure the continued success of this operation. We are going to explain very important information about post-operative medications after your hair graft operation and also about physical exercise and its relationship with your hair implant in Turkey.

Postoperative products after hair transplantation in Turkey

We have to remember at this time that for the taking of medicine by the subject, information is necessary from qualified people, that is, from our hair doctors. Our team will be happy to answer any of your questions. If you want to take any medication on your own, you have to bear in mind that it is very possible that it has a negative impact on the grafted follicles.

After the hair transplant operation in Turkey, our patients rest at the hotel. Tonight we will supply you with antibiotics that you should take every twelve hours until the pack we give you is completed. Starting that very night. The others in the morning and the third after the second night. In general this will suffice. We provide medication just in case but the operations do not involve risk since our team rigorously complies with sanitary requirements.

We also give some pain relievers that will ease pain or discomfort if you have it. They have to be consumed approximately every eight hours for a few days, until the package that we give them is completed. We also provide anti-inflammatory pills to reduce inflammation of the hair transplant. They are consumed in three days. Thereafter the inflammation will reduce very quickly because the body will remove the excess anesthesia and healing has taken place. We will have to allow the scabs or scabs to fall off at the correct time as accelerating this process is counterproductive. A hair transplant leaves thousands of micro incisions with thousands of scabs. These are so small that they will fall off in a few days. It is a relatively quick process and there is no need to worry .

Sports practice after your hair transplant in Turkey

We also want you to take into account the information regarding the practice of physical activity after a hair transplant. It is a very recurring question for our patients before and after undergoing a hair implant. We ask you not to do any kind of physical activity during the first two weeks. Keep in mind that this is the most important time for the follicles to remain firmly attached to the capillary epidermis. From this second week you can gradually resume physical activity .

Hair transplantation in Turkey is relatively simple and safe but we want to make sure you get the best possible result, so we ask that you adhere to our recommendations to the letter. You are also very interested in getting your hair back forever.

We also ask that you treat the receiving area with care, that is, the area where the follicles have been grafted. This area recovers quickly but the first month is essential because it is when the complete healing of the donor and recipient area. Have in consider your lifestyle and work and envision the best way to safeguard your head.

If you have any questions or concerns, remember that we are always at your disposal. Our interest and pleasure is to ensure that your hair transplant in Turkey with Turcapilar obtains the best possible result .