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What exactly is a hair graft?

//What exactly is a hair graft?

What exactly is a hair graft?

What is a hair graft?

A hair graft is the most advanced technique that exists to recover hair naturally and definitive for people suffering from hereditary alopecia or common alopecia. It is also used to fill in eyebrows, mustache or beard; in addition to providing more aesthetic hair lines or even add extra density in people who they wish it.

Hair grafting began in the sixties in New York when Dr. Orentreich got a tool to extract the follicles from the root without being damaged or killed. From this one At the moment the techniques used for a hair graft have been perfected to the point of achieving follicle survival rates transplanted close to one hundred percent. At Turcapilar we use the techniques advanced hair transplants in Turkey: the FUE Sapphire hair graft and the DHI.

Information about a hair graft

The duration of a capillary graft ranges between 4 and 8 hours , depending on the patient, your donor area and your recipient area. You also have to take into account the technique used and the experience of the medical team that operates on you. Regarding the hair grafts we also comment on the following information:

  • The Capillary graft does not hurt. The patient is operated after anesthesia. I know uses local anesthesia that allows the patient not to feel no pain. The anesthesia is uncomfortable and causes pain during minutes that its application lasts, but Turcapilar offers the possibility of hire the new painless anesthesia.
  • It is a outpatient operation , which means that you do not need to stay in the hospital, being able in our case to return to the hotel to rest. Past 24 hours we will return to observe you and certify that the operation has been carried out with all guarantees.
  • Recovery is fast: we estimate the post-operative process in just one month . This is the time it takes for the skin and follicles to fully recover of a hair transplant intervention in Turkey with Turcapilar. The care is very simple too: correct rest, good nutrition and washes with foam and rinse with water for ten to fifteen days.

Turcapilar only performs top quality hair grafts

In the hair grafts sector there are several techniques, among which are:

  • FUT - or technique of the strip . It consists of the extraction of a strip of skin from the nape of where the follicles will be extracted for later grafting in the area receiving. Subsequently, the scar on the part of the nape. It is a disused technique with a painful and complex post-operative. It is a technique that we strongly discourage.
  • Graft capillary FUE- It is the most widespread and reliable method that exists. Consists of the Unitary extraction of follicles for subsequent grafting one by one. Is a very safe technique that has a very fast postoperative and practically no there is a possibility of problems after the operation. The survival rate of the follicles rubs one hundred percent. There is no scar left behind this operation, contrary to the FUT technique.

Also Turcapilar only offers the FUE hair graft with a Sapphire tip, which It has a series of advantages that provide the client with an optimal result. These are: smaller incisions for less bleeding and inflammation. The leather scalp absorbs the follicles faster and more reliably with which the rate survival of the grafted follicles is 95 to 99 percent. It also has antiseptic properties that make any complications impossible. during the intervention.

  • DHI method. This method is a technological improvement of the FUE hair graft. It is about eliminating a step in the hair transplant process with the use of a special implanter tool called choi. This tool allows incisions and placement of the follicle simultaneously. With this we save the time that a follicle is outside the scalp, improving its health and survival. There is also less inflammation and bleeding, so the post-operative is very fast. The precision and direction of the implantation improves with what the result is more dense and natural. And finally, it is possible to perform a hair graft without shaving .

If you need more information about which technique is the best for you, or want a totally free assessment , contact our expert team in hair micro grafting in Turkey