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Hair transplant results Turkey

//Hair transplant results Turkey

Hair transplant results Turkey

Turkish hair transplant results with Turcapilar

Through this post we will show you the before and after of a hair transplant process. We will observe and discuss the process and the results of hair transplantation Turkey. We will guide you and you will be able to observe how effective and efficient an operation is assured of success .

The recovery time and hair growth depends on each patient. But this article is a perfect example of how our clients get the best results for hair transplant Turkey.

Turkey hair transplant results: prior to the operation.

It refers to the previous state of each patient. Alopecia varies tremendously from person to person. It depends on genetic factors and age. There is no certain science about the progress of alopecia, so we recommend intervening as soon as there is an area to be covered or when a significant loss of density is expected. Sometimes until we shave we are not aware of how advanced our alopecia was. We will not display photos here for obvious reasons.

Turkey hair transplant results: first week post-operative.

The person keeps the scabs of the healed wounds. These heal in 24 hours but last for 10-15 days. It is important not to touch them and to let them fall off on their own. They often fall out with implanted hairs. But it does not matter, the root is established forever on the scalp.

Turkey hair transplant results: two months after the intervention.

Patients begin to regain their hair. From this moment about ten percent of implanted hairs sprout per month until the twelfth month. It really depends on the patient. In any case, with 6 months the result is already spectacular.

During the first two months, the implanted follicles enter the resting phase and stop growing. For this reason, most of them fall and it is not until the second month when they begin to grow again. At this point, you can predict quite exactly how the final result will be.

Results of hair transplantation Turkey: three months after the intervention.Hair transplant before and after: 4 months of hair transplantation in Turkey

See how the entire receiving area becomes populated with the growth of new follicles. In just three months, patients begin to feel the effects on their confidence. A time of uncertainty and doubt has passed and they have reached a point of no return where they will possess their precious hair for life.

The result at this point is better than before the operation. You can see a lack of density but it is a matter of time. At this point, only 25% of the implanted hair follicles will have sprouted generically. From here the growth of the hairs accelerates.

The result will also be more spectacular as the patient has received a greater number of transplanted follicles. Remember that Turcapilar operates without limit of follicles. And we even offer the option of performing a hair transplant without shaving.

Hair transplant results Turkey: five months after the operation

Patients recover their smile and hair aesthetics. There is still a lot of time left but the results are to be proud of. Turkey hair transplant results with Turcapilar with full guarantee.

Hair transplant results Turkey: six months of hair transplantation

Only six months and no one can take him for bald. There are still six months in which the hair will lengthen, new ones will sprout and acquire more thickness. Half the process has passed and the patients are in excellent hair condition.

Hair transplant results Turkey: nine months after hair transplantationHair transplant before and after: 4 months of hair transplantation in Turkey

Patients already sport long hair. It has been 9 months of waiting. This varies depending on the type of hair and genetics of the person. Our information is always generic. Remember that Turcapilar follows up with the patient and gives him instructions for strengthening and growing the hair. Sooner or later all patients will regain optimal hair condition.

We request not to cut the hair for a year. We want to observe its development and check its best condition. Once this year is over you can do whatever you want. It will always grow. Our best guarantee is the growth and control to which we submit it during the first year.

Turkish hair transplant results: ten months after hair transplantation in Turkey

We are close to the end result. About 20-25 percent of the transplanted hair will still sprout. Still the result is very satisfactory. The hairs will acquire more density and volume . The length is long but we do not recommend cutting your hair yet.

Turkey hair transplant results: one year after hair transplantation in Turkey.

Final Turkish hair transplant results after a hair transplant intervention in Turkey with Turcapilar. At this point most people have completed their hair transplant process. However, in some patients it can still improve the growth and strengthening of the transplanted hair for a few more months.

The result will always be radically better than when you came to us. We are deeply happy to help so many people. Our patients are our best guarantee. The result is excellent and without scars or side effects. The donor party has not suffered anything and is in perfect condition. Do not hesitate to contact us.