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Shock loss in hair transplantation in Turkey

//Shock loss in hair transplantation in Turkey

Shock loss in hair transplantation in Turkey

Shock loss or hair loss after hair transplantation in Turkey

Hair transplant operations are relatively simple if performed by a professional team. Still, it is a serious operation. It is necessary to wait days for the follicles to be properly fixed on the scalp in a definitive way. These are essential days to avoid any type of fall or detachment of the follicles.

The city is especially important at bedtime during the first days, although we are more cautious and ask you not to rub the head with the pillow for a week. Be careful not to get hit or unexpected friction as some follicles may even detach a few days have passed. In general, the most important scarring occurs at 24 hours but although minimal, there is a risk of hair shedding newly grafted.

What happens when the hair is detached from the scalp after a hair operation? It is an important question because the answer varies if they come off as soon as the operation is finished (a fact that does not happen because patients are careful to take care of their operation during the first three days) or during the weeks following the operation hair transplant in Turkey .

Parece que la zona operada que contiene los cabellos es muy débil, pero si cuidamos que no haya golpes o rozamientos la propia cicatrización de la piel va a absorber la célula capilar encargada de hacer crecer los folículos. Aún así existe riesgo de pérdida de algunos folículos injertados por lo que les pedimos el máximo esfuerzo y precaución.

Our article today, in addition to the manuals and all the post-operative explanations are directed by this important recommendation. And it is, without a doubt, the greatest effort of all that he has what to do to get an optimal operation and result. Let's say that other tips are also important but once the head has healed the mini incisions there is practically no risk of loss of the follicles grafted.

What is shock loss?

El shock loss es la caída normal del cabello tras unas semanas de realizar la operación capilar. Es lógico y normal para todos los pacientes que se someten a injertos capilares. Resumiendo podemos comentar que los folículos tienen tres fases: nacimiento, crecimiento y descanso. Todos los folículos, incluso los más sanos pasan por estas fases una y otra vez.

What happens after a hair transplant is that the follicles grafts have suffered contact, movement and lack of cellular oxygenation due to moments, causing them to eventually shed their hairs for soon to re-generate new and healthy hair.

In this way after 3-4 weeks the patients who come to perform a hair graft in Turkey see that most of the follicles fall out , leaving them in an aesthetic situation practically prior to the performance of the hair transplant. operation.

Still, about 20-30 percent of the grafted follicles never fall out, with which there is a gain in the amount of hair in the receiving area from the first moment. For everyone there hairs that have shed, patients should know that throughout of many months these hairs will sprout one by one in a proportion and indeterminate speed as it depends on the patient. But when completing the twelve months all patients regain their capillary state in a definitive.