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Hair transplant in Turkey - reasons

//Hair transplant in Turkey - reasons

Hair transplant in Turkey - reasons

Reasons to go to Turkey for your hair transplant

A large number of people come to Turkey to undergo a hair transplant procedure to end your alopecia Definitively. There are so many people who come to Turkey that the country is the world leader in the number of hair transplants carried out for a lot of years. And Spaniards who suffer from alopecia are a majority group. Luckily, Turcapilar has the organization and support so that the patient go with all the information to get your hair back.

It is a fact that is seen from the moment one lands in Istanbul. You can easily cross dozens of people at the airport with the skinheads, hats and ribbons from the clinics where they perform their operation. We hope it will be soon you are one of them and belong to the group of people who recover their hair permanently . The progression has been permanent and they count by hundreds the clinics operating in Istanbul to patients from all over the world, with thousands of doctors and specialists working solely in this sector.

Turkey has specialists in hair transplantation of world reputation . They are the professionals with more experience and more training. It is not only the price that is attractive to the country but the professionalism of the care team and doctors; Besides the The use of the most advanced techniques in terms of hair transplants is refers.

Some reasons that will make you choose Turkey for your implant capillary

State-of-the-art equipment and professionals

The main reason why our patients are so happy after undergoing their hair transplant procedure with us is the result . And such a result comes from the use of the most advanced techniques that exist: such as the FUE Sapphire technique or the DHI method. In addition, these techniques are carried out by a professional team with experience and committed to the result and well-being of our patients.

Service management

In addition to coming in all-inclusive packages, the high Competition has made companies in the sector have to offer services high quality to attract more customers. Well-being and quality of service is reflected in the facilities, equipment and excellent customer service. Thousands of patients prefer Turkey as the ideal destination for their hair transplant because in addition to having obtained optimal results they have enjoyed a high quality medical experience.

The best prices

Si además de bueno es barato, ya no hay razón para no operarse en Turquía. Personas de todo el mundo acuden para solucionar su alopecia con los trasplantes capilares turcos porque por un precio hasta cuatro veces inferiores que en España pueden obtener el cabello que necesitan. Y adicionalmente los resultados suelen ser comparativamente mejores. El coste se debe, obviamente, al nivel adquisitivo del país. Esto significa que un trasplante capilar en Turquía supone un coste elevado para el sueldo medio turco. Sin embargo para un español es un precio asequible.

The best professionals

The Turkish medical sector, and specifically aesthetic medicine capillary, has many years of advantage to any other European country. And is that It is a question of the demand that has led thousands of doctors to specialize in the field of capillary micro grafts. The prestige of our hospital international not only comes for the magnificent facilities and a treatment exquisite but a perfect result that can only have been achieved by have doctors and specialists first world level .

If you need more information on how to recover your hair in very short time, contact our team of professionals . We will be delighted to assist you.