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Hair transplant Turkey all inclusive

//Hair transplant Turkey all inclusive

Hair transplant Turkey all inclusive

Hair transplant Turkey all inclusive with Turcapilar

Turkey hair transplant all included with any Turcapilar package. If you want to know the price and the options included in each pack of our company this article will be of your help. Turkey is currently the destination in the world that welcomes the most hair transplant interventions . This has led companies and clinics to offer more competitive prices and complete packs to offer the best service. In the case of Tucapilar we also have a written result guarantee. If you want to have your hair back, with the best guarantees, and at the best price; You're in good hands.

Hair transplant Turkey all inclusive - pricing plans

Our company offers the best all-inclusive packages at the best price for your hair implant operation in Turkey. We are aware of the needs and well-being of our clients. That is why we offer packs with a closed price so you can relax and enjoy the process of recovering your hair.

We have designed an action plan including the most qualified professionals and the most modern facilities. Recovering your hair will be a pleasure trip and an experience.

 Hair transplant Turkey all inclusive - basic package

Our basic package includes transfers, hotel and everything related to the operation. This package includes everything you need to make your stay and operation comfortable and successful. All the comforts and equipment included. The exception is only the flight, visa and companion, which will be available in the following packages. This All Inclusive Turkey Hair Transplant Package, Basic Package includes:

  • Unlimited hair transplantation of follicles with the FUE technique. It is necessary to add that our doctors will take the necessary time to cover the entire receiving area and ensure a perfect result. While in other clinics they charge for the number of grafted hair follicles, in Turcapilar there is no limit of follicles when the operation is performed.
  • Platelet Rich Plasma or PRP. This service includes the extraction and obtaining of the patient's own plasma to regulate, strengthen and develop the growth and recovery of the scalp once the capillary intervention has finished. It is a service with a high cost but that Turcapilar offers included in the pack completely free of charge
  • Pre-operative medical tests and clinical analyzes . We do not charge for consultations and we attend to all your questions and requirements. For example, the option of performing a hair transplant without shaving. We will consult your medical status and perform some tests before starting the operation.
  • Hairline design and doctor's consultation. The doctor will meet with you, explain the process, and design your hairline. It is the moment to attend to your requests and questions. By looking at your hairline, you will begin to feel confident about what your new result will be.
  • Hospital equipment. Clothing and accessories for before and after hair grafting. Also for the post-operative. Also medicines and painkillers.
  • Local anesthesia. Anesthesia in the recipient and donor areas so that you do not feel anything during the entire time that the capillary micrograft lasts. You will relax and our doctors will go through the whole process. I can even sleep or chat during this time with our team.
  • Post-operative hair care products . As a shampoo and foam for the scabs. We will also explain how to proceed with the washes. These products are essential and are included in the price.
  • Post-operative instructions and medicines for the next few months. For the strengthening and physical care of your body and scalp.
  • Post-operative control at the clinic. It will take place the day after your hair intervention. Our team will review the result after 24 hours, give you instructions and a lifetime warranty certificate.
  • Turkish-English Translator. Our pack includes hospital personnel who know the Spanish language to be able to communicate with the medical team. However, it does not include a companion-guide like the VIP package, who will take and accompany you throughout the process.
  • Two nights included in a five-star hotel in Istanbul. Buffet-style breakfast included. You need to stay strong on the days you are in Turkey.
  • Transfers between airport, hospital and hotel included. We are the only company that picks up clients at both airports and at any time of the day or night. All transfers included without extra costs.
  • Unlimited consultations with our team. For before, during and after the hair operation. You will always have our team on the phone for any questions or requests
  • Certificate of guarantee from the clinic. We are so confident that the result will be excellent that we offer a guarantee forever. The result is always optimal and we are proud of it.
  • This pack does not include airline tickets.

Hair transplant Turkey all inclusive basic package: 1990 Pounds.