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Beard transplant in Turkey

//Beard transplant in Turkey

Beard transplant in Turkey

Beard transplant with Turcapilar

Beard transplant is another of the interventions performed by our team regularly in our aesthetic hospital. In addition to hair transplantation in Turkey, there are many patients that we receive wanting to touch up their beard or even their eyebrows. There are also patients to whom we perform hair transplantation and beard transplantation in one session.

It is a totally aesthetic and cultural factor but in a generic way the man with a dense and well-groomed beard is an appreciated social trait. The existence and density of each person's beard depends on their genetics and race. The beard transplant operation is another aesthetic operation , in this case with guaranteed results.

The amount of hair depends on the patient, but the important thing is to choose a clinic or aesthetic hospital in our case that is capable of guaranteeing a large number of follicles per square centimeter. For this reason, the medical team that will perform the operation is important as well as the technique used.

Beard transplant - Cases

Beard transplantation is performed in those patients who want to fill in parts of the beard where they do not have or who want to increase the density . The beard today improves the image of many men although it is still an entirely personal assessment. On other occasions it is also possible to perform a beard transplant to cover scars, for example caused by acne.

The results thanks to the experience of our medical team and the advancement in the technologies of this type of intervention make the result completely natural . These results are also permanent and definitive. The implanted hair is extracted from areas of the head where there is great density and depending on the patient, more or less hair will be needed. This hair grows naturally and at the same speed as the beard. As we will adjust the level of the beard or eventually shave it will never be possible to tell the difference.

In addition, in beard transplant interventions, the density that is provided is high, so the result is excellent. Remember that the transplanted hairs are those of the patient himself. And since we use the FUE Sapphire technique the density is assured. These sapphire tool incisions allow a large number of follicles per square centimeter to be grafted. These incisions are very fine so recovery after beard transplantation is very fast.

Beard transplant - procedure.

The steps to successfully perform a beard transplant are the same as any hair transplant. They are performed by the FUE technique or unitary extraction of follicles. Those are the steps:

Local anesthesia. In this case, anesthesia is used on both the donor and recipient parts. Using standard local anesthesia or painless anesthesia, a large amount of anesthetic fluid is supplied to sleep the parts where the surgery is to be performed. Depending on the type of anesthesia chosen, it will hurt a little or not at all, but during the entire operation the pain is imperceptible.

  • Extraction of the follicles from the donor part. Using special extraction tools, the follicles at the back of the head are extracted from the roots. These hairs belong to the patient so we ensure their viability. As the patient's own hairs coincide in thickness and color.

  • Opening of channels . As we have mentioned previously, in the beard transplant, the channels or incisions where the new hair will be placed are opened with a sapphire-tipped tool.

  • Graft . The specialist places the follicles one by one and grafts them into the previously opened holes. Being fine, healing is fast and the body absorbs the hairs in the new place.
Trasplante de barba

Beard transplant - and anywhere on the body.

Although it is true that the most popular transplants are hair transplants and beard transplants, we also carry out cosmetic touch-ups on eyebrows, mustache or sideburns . The procedure is the same: design, extraction and grafting.

Beard transplant - time and postoperative

The operation time, depending on the amount of hair to be grafted, can vary between 2 hours and 4 hours . From then on, the post-operative process begins, which is so well explained in the documentation that we provide our clients with the reservation.

In summary, we will say that the most important stage is the first three days in which the skin absorbs the new follicles and the healing and closure of the wounds takes place. Up to almost two weeks these scabs continue to heal and produce new skin. In these two weeks, all the scabs must have fallen, leaving no remains of the beard transplant. From this moment, and slowly and indeterminately, the new implanted follicles will sprout month by month until a new aesthetic result is completed in a few months. Consult with our team for more information on beard transplantation in Turkey.