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Hair transplant in hospital - Turkey

//Hair transplant in hospital - Turkey

Hair transplant in hospital - Turkey

Hair transplant in aesthetic hospital

A hair transplant in hospital in Turkey has many differences with this same type of intervention performed in another country or in a clinic. Before performing a hair transplant, which is an operation with results for a lifetime , it is advisable to find out where this operation will be performed.

In this sense, Turcapilar offers all its patients a hair transplant in a private aesthetic hospital. With all the guarantee and security that this entails. It is a fact to take into account since a hospital at a legal level is subordinate to the Ministry of Health and meets the highest health quality standards .

A hair graft must be performed by a doctor qualified specialist with accredited experience as established by law. In addition, the place where the intervention is to be carried out must comply with the equipment and services for said operation. 

A hair transplant operation in a hospital takes place in the same way as in a clinic, but the security, commitment and guarantee are different. To see this difference, it is necessary to understand what the organizational functioning of the preparation of the operation is like. And also what does the hair transplant technique consist of. From preparation and design to the post-operative period.

Hair transplant operations in hospitals in Turkey are carried out with FUE and DHI techniques , and we also have top quality hospital and surgical equipment to return the desired appearance to our clients.

Hair transplant in hospital or clinic

Hair transplants have become extraordinarily popular in the Ottoman country because there are a large number of people who come and because of a private system that offers excellent results. There are so many people currently attending that supply has had to adapt to demand and there may be differences in the quality of the service provided.

In Turkey, operations are carried out in three types of centers. Before moving forward, we want to inform you that the result of these interventions can be excellent in any of these centers or types of organizations. But by sheer logic, a own aesthetic hospital will have a series of advantages over clinics or agencies that outsource. They are as follows:

  • Clinics. A doctor or several open a clinic and with the help of nurses perform hair transplantation operations in the clinic itself. These clinics must be exclusively dedicated to hair transplants. Normally they outsource services such as blood tests and organize on their own all the additional services that the hair transplant packs in Turkey carry. In turn, these clinics resell their services to brokerage agencies in other countries.
  • Outsourcing in general hospitals. It is not recommended as there is too much intermediation. Agencies from the countries of origin collaborate with organizing agencies in Turkey. In turn, they rent spaces in general hospitals and hire equipment, doctors and nurses by the hour. There is less security and guarantee due to the existence of a greater number of intermediaries and a less direct organization. Even so, if the operation is carried out correctly, the result is still excellent.
  • Private hospital. This is our case. All our organization, equipment and staff are our own, which guarantees a more direct treatment and high responsibility. All equipment is own: from vehicles to facilities. All of our doctors and specialists are on the payroll and there is total transparency. Our aesthetic hospital has different floors, with a floor totally for hospital hair transplant patients. Here are some of the advantages that our patients receive for undergoing a hair transplant in a private international hospital.

Hair transplant in hospital - advantages

  • Health quality. Hospitals are constantly subjected to health controls, which guarantees a more effective treatment and health provision for our patients.
  • Service. By receiving a greater number of clients and having a brand built, it is necessary to organize and strive for the quality of the patient. The treatment and organization result in a better service for the hair transplant client.
  • Facilities . Being a hospital, it contains more spacious and luxurious facilities, which contributes to the well-being of employees and patients.
  • Equipment. A strong company can invest in better equipment and infrastructure. The equipment for a hair transplant in the hospital will always be better than that of a private clinic.
  • Doctors . Doctors are on the payroll, which guarantees their degree of specialization and responsibility for their work.
  • Emergency. In the rare event that there is a problem during your hair transplant in the hospital, we have staff and emergency care to assist the patient more quickly.
  • Guarantee. Having a hair transplant in the hospital contains the guarantee of the hospital itself. Of course, it will continue to be there much longer in case it needs extra attention.

Hair transplant in hospital in Istanbul with Turcapilar

All our patients know that they have at their disposal an international aesthetic hospital that helps them a lot in their confidence. Both in the decision process and in the post-operative process.