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Advantages hair transplant Turkey

//Advantages hair transplant Turkey

Advantages hair transplant Turkey

Advantages hair transplant Turkey

There are numerous Turkey hair transplant advantages . If you are thinking about performing a hair graft and you are doubting, for example, between other countries in Europe or Turkey, in this post we will show you some advantages and disadvantages. Take good note because the degree of satisfaction of our customers is very high. Almost all Turkish clinics achieve an excellent result, however, there are a number of advantages to hiring Turcapilar.

A hair graft in Turkey is one of the most common procedures in the country. The degree of mastery and professionalism of the Turkish doctors is beyond doubt. Every year Istanbul welcomes more than ten thousand men and women to recover their aesthetic hairline . Istanbul is a modern city with the best infrastructures. Its hospitals are internationally endorsed and its professionals have the necessary training and experience.

Advantages hair transplant Turkey - unique solution to alopecia

It is a very widespread solution and is currently presented as the only solution to alopecia in a definitive way. And it is that thousands of patients annually manage to regain hair thanks to this type of intervention. There is no rejection because the transplanted hairs are the same as those of the patient.

Advantages hair transplant Turkey - quick solution

It is an intervention that is carried out continuously in a single day. If it is true that being in Turkey it is necessary to arrive the day before. But it is even an opportunity to travel and get to know another country. The usual duration is between 4 and 7 hours. Remember that Turcapilar offers the solution to your alopecia without limit of follicles and with a fixed price. Our doctors will work to fill the entire receiving area.

We always use the most advanced technique that exists: the FUE technique . Or follicular extraction of units. We use local anesthesia for the operation so you will have hair again without having felt pain during the intervention.

Advantages hair transplant Turkey - price

Hair transplants in Turkey are currently much cheaper than in the rest of the world. Also if we take into account that there are many other options that are also expensive compared to the result, you will realize that hair transplantation is the best option to recover your hair. The best value for money and the only method that ensures optimal results.

Remember that in other countries they charge by the number of follicles and that they even use obsolete techniques such as "the strip". One of the greatest advantages of hair transplantation Turkey with Turcapilar is that we put as many hairs as you need without extra costs . And that our equipment and methods are the most advanced in the world.

Turkey hair transplant advantages - Turcapilar result

Not in vain thousands of patients recover their appearance in an impeccable way. Of course the implanted hair will never fall out again . You will recover the image permanently and permanently. Our professionals also strive for you to obtain an optimal result, adding more density on the front.

Advantages of hair transplantation Turkey - well-being in the patient

Because we know how important it is for you to regain your confidence and self-assurance. There is no doubt that a man with hair regains his attractiveness and security . The growth process after a hair transplant is completed in a year, however from the second month the results are already beginning to be noticed. Turcapilar will provide you with all the information before and after the hair implant. So that your recovery is the best possible.

Turkey hair transplant advantages - people of all ages

We operate people of all ages. The general belief is that you need to wait until you are very bald. But alopecia progresses randomly, so if there is an area to fill in, you can contact us to return the desired appearance. Don't wait until the years go by with the solution at your fingertips. Other treatments will only delay the inevitable. It is a proven fact that hair transplantation is the only solution to the problems of alopecia in men.